7 Ways to Compare: Achievements and Purpose

There are many literatures dedicated to help one to be successful and achieve one's purpose in life. It seems everyone wants to possess both of these. Who would not want to? Nobody. However, did we ever make the distinction between making an achievement and striving for one's purpose.

In this article, I will discuss seven ways of  comparison between an achievement

1. Achievement is merit to oneself; while your purpose is your contribution to others.

When we were young our parents wanted to push us to achieve as much as possible. They prepare and teach us by sending us to school and improving our capabilities and skills. In doing so, they take pride from our achievements and we claim merit for our hardwork and determination. On the other hand, our life purpose depend not on our skills and capacity, rather on our ability to perceive the needs of our immediate surroundings and to effectively craft and implement ways to meet these needs. The more sensitive we become, the more we see the need to partake for the common good in the society.

2. Achievement is directed outward; while your purpose is directed inward.

Achievements are like icings and decorations in a cake as they make us attractive and renowned. However, your purpose is the cake itself that nourishes one. It would be disappointing to taste a slice of cake with an outstanding appearance, but bland and lacking in taste. In the same analogy, our purpose defines who we are we as human beings, rather than our achievement. We as human beings live as part of a society, not merely to outshine and outwit everyone in the society.

3. Achievement is limited; while your purpose is limitless.

When one plans to achieve something, one uses his or her limited resources such as time, effort and talents. There will be a time when one feel very exhausted and empty in pursuing a dream. Inspite of these, some continue to strive to achieve their dreams. However, our purpose does not use limited resources. It makes use of ourselves. As long we are alive regardless of what we have, we can still attain our purpose in life. Hence, helping others by meet needs of others is unrestricted to what we have in life.

4. Achievement marks beginning and ends; while your purpose has no definite beginning or end.

In the process of achievement, there is goal and a step-by-step outline of what one must do to reach the so-called "finish line," where one gets credit of all the things one has done in the process. People celebrate one's hardwork and are eager to know how one can achieve such from start to finish. In moving towards one's life purpose, there is no start, no plan, no end or no process. It only requires the realization which may come partially or incompletely. One can help others without making a plan of doing so. Some may even realize their purpose when they have already done it. One only feels good and contented about doing things for others with consistency and compassion. This is the time, one defines his or her purpose.

5. Achievement makes one strive for unending higher goals; while your purpose keeps you focus on a determined goal.

Due to human's nature of incontentment, when we achieve something, we constantly aim for something bigger after. The feeling of fame and prestige of one's achievement seems to be addicting that one craves more for it, at a higher level. This results one to pursue multiple non-specific unending goals for one person. On the other hand, our purpose keeps one on track of what he or she is supposed to do - to be with others and to help them. This goal is very specific and precise. Instead of wanting to get everthing, one thinks for the benefit of everyone.

6. Achievements are remembered as long as your presence is felt; while your purpose is long-lasting as your contribution is appreciated.

Our remembrance of our lifetime depends on the people, who benefitted from all our efforts and actions we made. The more people, who felt the worth of your contribution, the longer you will be remembered because many will become living testament of your contribution. Our contribution may not be as outstanding as the geniuses did in the past, but this only requires sincerity to help others, which will not just benefit the present time but the future generation, as well.

7. Achievement is a product of a dream and determination; while your purpose is a product of wisdom and concern.

An achievement starts with a dream. Whether realistic or not, people work hard for it. Here comes the interplay of diligence, grit and patience to reach the so-called final destination. On the other hand, our purpose in life requires realization that one coexist with another. This marks the process of being self-actualized as one goes beyond oneself. The manifestation of genuine concern for others is the single most important factor for one to realize his or her purpose in life.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with achieving, as long as one does not forget to find one's purpose and make a commitment for it. There should be a balance between the two. Better if we make our life goals towards our personal achievements in line or parallel with our purpose in life. In this way, we do something for ourselves and for others using the same effort and direction in life.


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