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The Decade: Working, Knowing, Traveling, Home and Trust

2010s has been a special decade for me personally. It has made me realize who I am and the virtues that are important for me. These virtues have influenced how I decide on things, how I solve problems and how I socialize with people around me. This decade is the beginning of my adult life. How unique this decade has been will be the interest of this blogpost, which will be divided into five sections. Working This decade was about me working like there was no tomorrow. There were there 3 working period in this decade: 1. Working to be recognized To be recognized is the ultimate goal of the early phase of this decade. I was struggling to be relevant at all times. That was exhausting because I easily learned I actually did not need to do that. I knew I had something to offer to others. I can do the work I am given, and I do not need recognition just to convince myself I did a good job. 2. Working to survive Survival was the goal after I moved to Norway. It was th