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Surprisingly Unpredictable 2022

Here we are again. A time to reflect on the year that is approaching its end. There were events that will forever be remembered as part of this year. Personally, 2022 is year of unexpected events, realizations and decisions. Tumultuous as it sounds but 2022 will certainly pave the way for a future that could influence how we think, act and decide. This is the focus of this blogpost. The year started with the surge of the Omicron variant of the corona virus. People were suddenly optimistic again, knowing that the virus was not as deadly as it was once thought, or perhaps as some would say the developed vaccines were sufficiently effective to prevent serious illness and even death. However, suddenly, the war in Ukraine started out of the blue. That has somehow affected how things are. Personally, the war in Ukraine somehow made me reflect what are the most important things in our lives. The refugees have to leave their families to seek protection and start a new life in anoth

Five Gifts of Kindness (Poem)

I have been once told by one to be kind always Motivated to be like one to be worthy of praise Yet I beg to disagree for kindness is not a right Just for other's desire, approval and delight The world though is full of chaos and rudeness That being good to others sounds like madness Thus seldom a person has genuine care for one Or acceptance regardless what other had done Kindness should never be just given but earned Like attention should freely given, heads turned Be nice to others, stop all this cruel blindness Hence here are five presents as act of kindness First, individuals establish rapport to build trust Obviously confidence on one another is a must But trust never needs to be perfect at the start Just feel comfortable with each other by heart One could be naive to reveal secrets well-kept Quite uncertain what reactions one could get Trust is declaration of vulnerability keep in mind Hoping secrets enemies could never even find Some would relate trust with full