Five Gifts of Kindness (Poem)

I have been once told by one to be kind always
Motivated to be like one to be worthy of praise
Yet I beg to disagree for kindness is not a right
Just for other's desire, approval and delight

The world though is full of chaos and rudeness
That being good to others sounds like madness
Thus seldom a person has genuine care for one
Or acceptance regardless what other had done

Kindness should never be just given but earned
Like attention should freely given, heads turned
Be nice to others, stop all this cruel blindness
Hence here are five presents as act of kindness

First, individuals establish rapport to build trust
Obviously confidence on one another is a must
But trust never needs to be perfect at the start
Just feel comfortable with each other by heart

One could be naive to reveal secrets well-kept
Quite uncertain what reactions one could get
Trust is declaration of vulnerability keep in mind
Hoping secrets enemies could never even find

Some would relate trust with full transparency
But folk aren't trustworthy, here is no warranty
Yet, it only requires mutual acts of vulnerability
Simply give and take to acquire such credibility

Second gift involves a valuable resource, time.
Spending time is as difficult as long, hard climb
Allocating time for someone is worthy as gold
Precious, irreplaceable, one should dearly hold

Depriving someone of this means non-essential
Reflects one is worthless and inconsequential
Postponing one gives an idea of one's priorities
Illustrates how others value someone's qualities

Time and effort must be not given to everyone
Nor entitled to someone, so bestowed to none
Because in life, some serve no purpose at all
Be wary, or else this will set about own downfall

Third act of kindness revolves mutual respect.
Due regard of feelings for people to connect
Good behavior is needed, as well as moral tact
Because we all differ on how talk, think and act

The lack of respect essentially sparks conflicts
Notably when one plays mind games and tricks
Thus a two-way understanding is a must first
All the built trust and rapport will be reversed

Respect is tried and tested on our differences
During instances we must keep our distances
Tolerating disagreements, gaps time and again
It is actually not based on our similiarities then

Recognition is the fourth best gift one can get
Who a person truly is something one could bet
Acknowledging their true self, not to stray afar
Thus this pertains to accepting one as they are

But this actually requires acceptance at least
Relentless til other's self-confidence increased
Assuring one's thoughts, opinions conferred
It is simply listening to who needs to be heard

Also paying attention to what have been said
That words are interpreted well, and not misled
Keeping track until the time of biding goodbye
In short, maintaining the level of interest at high

Last but not the least is unconditional support
Assisting minus expecting in return to cut short
It isn't superficial by just doing things together
But helping another whatever in any weather

Support is being there at most in times of need
Not just in sunny days nor when one succeed
Providing everything just like our own matriach
Essentially being present when things get dark

So it isn't measured by number of hours spent
Or all the feasts and pleasures both underwent
However tested by the experienced challenges
Both of your regarded prized needs balances

In time, I learned something about these five
These to be given but not oneself to deprive
Never give them to anyone who isn't deserving
Typically those manipulative and self-serving

Never waste time with who never appreciates it
Chiefly those promises they can't even commit
For chasing a selfish idiot is acting like a moron
Should someone value you less, then move on

There is no point of being kind to those unkind
No bad conscience for your own peace of mind
Concentrate to those who care for you in real.
From them trust, love, security you could feel.


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