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True? Ignorance is Bliss

There are things and situations that could potentially affect us but are either intentionally made unaware from us or by chance we get not to know them. These somehow could may help us in a way, but the fact that these are still attempts to hide the truth creates a pressing dilemma. Is it better to remain ignorant on hard truth or is it better to know everything, including all that could potentially harm us. What are the implications is the focus of this blogpost.Out of sight. Out of mind.What we see, know and we experience are the grearest source of stress. It is generally impossible to control what we perceive that could lead for us to feel stressful or anxious. Furthermore, this stress is itself the major influence on how individuals act and decide. This is because people avoid all measures that could lead to stress and ofcourse would prefer to take the alternatives that provide opportunities and benefits. It is therefore somehow advantageous if one got not to know things that may …

No One is Absolutely Free

Freedom has always been a goal for everyone to achieve and maintain. It exists in several forms: freedom of expressing oneself, practice one's beliefs and to decide on whatever wants to do. Everyone fights to protect this right, but many have forgotten that this right entails also an obligation, which also in itself creates the limitation of such right. Why these limitations exist is the focus of this blogpost.Being part of a larger societyBeing free as an individual can never be absolute because all of us belong to a group of people or the entire society. The welfare of many weighs more than the freedom of one that could potentially harm the majority. This is exemplified in the spread of communicable diseases, emergency situations and even at war. This is perhaps the strongest argument why our rights are never absolute, and unfortunately given that freedom must conform with what leads to more societal benefits, sometimes freedom is balanced with the prevailing dominant sentiment …

Challenges of Working Abroad

Over eleven million Filipinos either live or work outside the Philippines. This statistics is said to have almost reached its peak, given the emigration pace is a little less faster than expected, perhaps due to developments in the country. However, the fact is still remains that over ten percent of the population resides abroad. This challenges pose a big challenge, not just the society in general, but also the concerned individual. The challenges and experiences are sometimes underestimated by those who never had to undergo the ups and downs of being an overseas Filipino workers.In late 2013, I took the chance of starting a new life in Norway, a country I hardly knew before, inspite of me interested in world history and geography. The first few months literally caused a culture shock and somewhat short period of "depression." It was not easy. There are things that I did not expect even though I was financially prepared of it. Much worse, I went to a country where as a heal…

Filipino Body Language

Non-verbal communication is an essential part in a society, as well as understanding the values the community believe in. This reflects a good overview of how communication and tradition have evolved through time. These expressions are never constant, such that meaning changes from time to time, and is greatly affected by the events or the kind of environment one belongs in. Filipinos, being a society with mixed Asian and Western influences have unique facial and body expressions. These are the focus of this blogpost.1. Silent stareStares could mean evil look for Filipinos. It may indicate sarcasm or manipulation. It is considered rude to this, especially when in a conversation because it may also indicate disinterest or disrespect.2. Lip/Eye pointingThis is quiet funny gesture common not just in the rural areas, but also in urban communities. It is quiet hard to explain the direction in verbal language, so it is better to point them vaguely, interestingly with the use of lips, head a…

Love is Love (Poem)

What does really love mean and bring?
Are there deeper hidden or vague meaning?
It may not be just a positive endorphic feeling.
Fathomable, volatile or deeply-concealingThose are the confusing love questions.
Many interpretations and diverse suggestions
What is love's true and universal essence
Capturing then the value of its non-senescence.It is not just words that repeated many times
Something not to forget always or sometimes
It knows no color, gender, status or race
Existent of whatever or wherever in place.It frees anyone, non-dominating or abusive.
Neither exclusive, obstructive, nor intrusive
Everyone is treated equal in decisions or actions.
Just about then love ushering valuable reactions.What matters is how love moves things.
From the apathetic to those glad with wings
It makes one does who would hesitate doing.
Everything's possible, everything's pursuing.It is never about receiving, but focused on giving.
Never takes revenge, always open for forgiving.
It does…

Look North: A Birthday Poem For My Sister

This is quite strange to celebrate your birthday on different cities on the same country. Perhaps, this could be true in other occasions as well. However, today (February 11) marks your 32nd birthday, and this is the third consecutive year I am writing on your birthday on my blog. However, due to the odd circumstances we are currently in, I will be writing a poem for you this time.
Weeks ago you made a decision to go north
It was unforgettable travel for me back and forth
I was anxious for reasons I honestly do not know
Optimistic it'll be worth it, only the future will show
The world is full of hard challenges and surprises
But there is still optimism anywhere as hope arises
However, we just need to believe, all turns out well
That is life we live and describe it in a nutshell.
You might feel fear and uncertain sometimes
Those are just tests, normal ofcourse at times.
This is just a start in a seemingly isolated place
But you will eventually cope well with grace.
However, remem…

Not All That Glitters is Gold

This saying is made popular by William Shakespeare's usage in one of his poems. However, there is more truth and wisdom imbedded into this saying. On the simplest terms, this saying reminds us that not everything we consider valuable based on our crude judgment may not be as  worthy as it is in reality. Some corollaries are also true saying that not all that is insignificant are not as less precious as we first thought. However, how about making this saying as way of life? How could man deduce the core propositions attached to this saying? A thorough analysis of this saying is the focus of this blogpost.
What we see and believe is not entirely correct.
It is impossible for us to know everything. There are things hidden to us deliberately or unintentionally. There are also by chance, we fail to acquire valuable information that could possibly change the way we act and think. It is therefore correct to say that whatever we know are pure truths. One has to recognize this fact. This i…

Fostering Resilience

Coping fast and adapting to new situations are very crucial in individuals facing psychological stress, inconvenience and challenges. However, nothing in this world is totally within our control. There are many things that are excessive to carry, which either make or break as individuals. Whichever outcome these situations yield, all of us need to foster resilence, which is an individual's ability to come back after an adversely socially disadvantageous occurrence. Sometimes, resilience is referred to as the human spirit fighting against all odds. However, the question remains on how to build up, nurture and develop resilience. This is the focus of this blogpost.
Strengthen one self
Knowing one's positive and negative attributes is the keypoint for fostering resilience. Without self-awareness, one can not develop these traits to an improved one, to be utilized in stressful situations. In times of emergencies, calamities and unexpected events, the strong ones make use of what t…

Priorities Change Overtime

Change is indeed the only constant in this world. Although not all of us are open to adapt to change, it happens continuously as if no one could control the change that is either happening in us or the environment surrounding us. With this stream of uncontrollable change is the changes on how we see our lives, and what values are more important to us, as we learn lessons from our experiences, which are brought about by these changes. We change and so our priorities as well.
However, there are many things that should be put into consideration when one changes priorities. What happens to the old list of priorities? Are they simply replaced, or merely set aside? What does this change do to us in the long run? And are there instances when changes in setting priorities could be wrong or have gone to much? These questions will this blogpost attempt to shed light on.
Change is not irreversible. Unlike butterflies, which can never go back to being cocoons, the change in our priorities is unl…