Love is Love (Poem)

What does really love mean and bring?
Are there deeper hidden or vague meaning?
It may not be just a positive endorphic feeling.
Fathomable, volatile or deeply-concealing

Those are the confusing love questions.
Many interpretations and diverse suggestions
What is love's true and universal essence
Capturing then the value of its non-senescence.

It is not just words that repeated many times
Something not to forget always or sometimes
It knows no color, gender, status or race
Existent of whatever or wherever in place.

It frees anyone, non-dominating or abusive.
Neither exclusive, obstructive, nor intrusive
Everyone is treated equal in decisions or actions.
Just about then love ushering valuable reactions.

What matters is how love moves things.
From the apathetic to those glad with wings
It makes one does who would hesitate doing.
Everything's possible, everything's pursuing.

It is never about receiving, but focused on giving.
Never takes revenge, always open for forgiving.
It does not just nurture life, even further sustaining
Its energy encourages anything, anyone everlasting

Love rewards the kind and meek, avoids the greedy.
It gives light in the dark, especially hope to the needy.
It aids in meeting one's essential needs and wants.
Moreover confronts all the dreadful fears that haunts

It provides motivation to continue enduring.
Even the odds are seemingly non-assuring.
It is encompassing, available to all who wants it.
Exactly suits in anything, suddenly a perfect fit.

It cannot be manipulated, it is innately genuine.
Not inferred nor assessed, nor placed in a regimen.
It is for all, not limited to anyone or someone.
Not measured or understood by what is said, but done.

Love must be expressed, and explicitly shared
Should not be impaired, questioned or compared
There is no greater or lesser method or ways
It is tested through time, not just lasting for days.

It does not matter what love is and brings.
Whatever are the results and varying meanings.
Love is simply love. It is itself love.
It comes from here down and up above.


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