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Let go of these three

Humans have tendencies to be possessive and assert their ownership on things and people they have. Perhaps, this is the reason why in all languages possessive pronouns exist: mine, yours, hers, his or theirs. There are things we keep and want to keep for ourselves. This may not be a problem unless the circumstances dictate that it is the perfect time to let go, and cease to hold unto these things. Here I would list three things everyone should let go no matter what it takes. A toxic non-serving relationship Relationships make or break us. Actually, the effect of relationships in our lives depends on us as well. We let relationships make or break us. Some relationships make us better indidivuals by supplementing us with harmony and happiness in our lives. At times, relationships end but still it gives us the benefits of the learning the end comes with. However, there are relationships that are so-called toxic and non-serving. It does not yield any new learnings, instead it pr

When Life S*cks

Sometimes, there are times when we feel that life seems to be too challenging that we need time to just sit down and observe how things would unfold. Our coping skills seems overwhelmed even though we have experienced similar before. Our time and resources are not sufficient even to deal with the problem at hand. Life sucks at times. However, the first step to deal with it is to identify when we can say life really sucks. Here I will identify five situations that fits this description. Your social core is weakened. Social core includes one's family, friends and culture defining one's identity. Social network could change but some still manage to maintain and protect their identity. They remain as they were and continue to be as such. However, there are circumstances that threatened the stability and predictability of our identity. When our environment changes, our identity is threatened. Our values do not necessarily change overnight, but in time, it will be affected

When the Society is Becoming Worse

Life is tough everybody seems to agree about that. However, nowadays many are presented with challenges that make their lives even tougher. Specifically, the society seems not helping enough to alleviate the sufferings of the few. People are becoming more self-centered, and as such people do not care for each other enough. Here, I will attempt to enumerate situations that make the our society worse. 1. When children take the responsibilities of adults. Children should be allowed to act and enjoy as children. In this way, they would understand that the world has a sort of order and hierarchy. This is not to say in absolute terms that authority is always acceptable. However, children should have a concept of order. Let them see that by exempting them from taking the major responsibilities of adults. Let them learn the concept of responsibilities and consequences, but give them the leeway to make mistakes without major repercussions in their lives. Should they rebel or disagree