When Life S*cks

Sometimes, there are times when we feel that life seems to be too challenging that we need time to just sit down and observe how things would unfold. Our coping skills seems overwhelmed even though we have experienced similar before. Our time and resources are not sufficient even to deal with the problem at hand. Life sucks at times. However, the first step to deal with it is to identify when we can say life really sucks. Here I will identify five situations that fits this description.

Your social core is weakened.

Social core includes one's family, friends and culture defining one's identity. Social network could change but some still manage to maintain and protect their identity. They remain as they were and continue to be as such. However, there are circumstances that threatened the stability and predictability of our identity. When our environment changes, our identity is threatened. Our values do not necessarily change overnight, but in time, it will be affected by our environment. One could integrate but the feeling losing identity is there. Should one is not able to find the meaning of everything, life becomes chaotic and a matter of survival, rather than existence.

Your options dwindle.

Options give hope. That is what I have learned in life. Should things get hopeless, find alternatives. Should you not find one, breath deep, relax and try again. Should you not find one, try again. Keep trying. Look unto what you have and find creative ways to develop options to solve problems. There are no big problems, just people with lack of patience and creativity. However, truth is sometimes even how much we try, our options dwindle. Worse, when people around you make it difficult for you to either solve problems or find alternatives. This is challenging. Worst, some people are not patient enough to wait for results and feel hopeless in spite the fact that they still have options. Life sucks for these people. Unfortunately, there are many like them in the world.

You begin to lose trust of others.

Trust is a primary quality everyone should learn from our childhood. This is perhaps the primary task our parents, family and family. Luckily, we only need to feel secure in the company of a few people. However, not all people have someone to trust to, not even with their family. This is very problematic. This affects how we build relationships with others. We become suspicious of the motives of others. When we do not learn to trust, in the long run, we do not feel relax and feel satisfied with the people around us. This significantly affects how feel happy and contented with ourselves. Without trust, life sucks then.

You worry about things outside your control.

Anxiety is fear of the unknown. Much of it is due to the fact that there are aspects in our lives that we can not control. This is a problem because human beings would naturally want to have control over the things they have. This is a difficult task though. Worse, if we are overwhelmed by the severity, magnitude and multiplicity of these uncontrollable things. Worst, if we drown in the abyss of fear and anxiety because of them. This is a difficult one because we see an explicit negative effect on ourselves from the things that we ourselves can not influence. Problem-solving becomes more challenging and even impossible. Life sucks then.

You lose self-control.

Our emotions sometimes cloud our rationality  Even we have managed to think over possibilities and are aware of a possible emotional outburst, sometimes, we still lose self-control. This is more common when we are young. Our experiences are not diverse enough to handle difficult situations. We lose self-control and make ourselves of making mistakes that we can further regret in the future. Life sucks then if we are not able to regain self-control, see possible consequences of our actions thereafter and refrain ourselves from making more serious mistakes.

Well, what can we really do in these situations? Honestly, nothing but accept it. Nothing in this world is permanent so what is bad today will never permanently stay as it is. It could be worse, but at least the opposite is also possible. Things can get better. How? That is the question. That varies from one person to another. But we need to begin somewhere. That certainly starts within ourselves by accepting our strengths and weaknesses. In this way, we would know how we could help ourselves at least. Life sucks but at least we have attempted to do something with it, at least with ourselves. 


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