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Human Development Index, Catholicism, Christianity and Islam

Religion is one of the most influential aspect in one's life. It somehow dictates how we act on a particular way or method for it to be acceptable to the society. Today, three groups of religion are considered to be the biggest and have the most power in terms in developing nations or sovereign states. These religious groups are Catholicism, non-Catholic Christians and Islam. In these article, a discussion on how these three religious groups have somehow affected human development. In saying human development, the use of HDI or Human Development Index is necessary. This index objectively describes life expectancy, education and income of citizens of the said country. An annual report is published. In 2014, Western countries dominate the top list with Norway leading it. In the table below, the first 20 countries with the highest HDI's are enumerated, with corresponding information on the percentage of their population belonging to the aforementioned religious congregations