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Cirrus and Jasmine: Cheers to Life! (Poem with Video)

I was supposed to publish this blogpost tomorrow. But since Jasmine already saw the video I made, I could publish this. This poem narrates how I met two people, who became close to me, and yes they are getting married tomorrow. I made a video message for them too. Jasmine is a friend very close to me since thirteen Shared highschool hardships planned and unforseen Considered a sister crying unnecessarily after tough exams Experienced those school preparations. I cram. She crams. We had so many personal things and attributes in common From education and all those boring stuffs. Come on! Both made compromise to study in Butuan. Just here! Both thought that would not boost chances for a good career. Went to nursing school at Urios with doubts and scepticism However remained steadfast, still focused in objectivism. After a year, we both ended as nursing Dean's listers. Everything went well. At our backs, laurels and glisters. Then some of batch bests we

The Option B: Coping and Moving On

I was trying to find a good book at Changi Airport in Singapore on my way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I do not have anything in mind when suddenly something caught my attention, The Option B. It was just at an impulse that I decided buying it. Started browsing at it at the hotel in KL. Then, I realized that the book somehow captured a recent event in my life, and today I could say I am living a life contentedly reflective of an Option B. Yes. That is correct. If I may turn back time, I would want to pursue Option A, but nothing can be done to do so. What has been done is done. What had happened is already irreversible. Thus, I must continue living a life, unapologetic of not attaining Option A but still happy pursuing for a possible Option B. Thanks for the 3 P's method: Pervasiveness, Permanence and Personalization. These three helped me understand objectively sort out my thoughts and reflect on my feelings to better cope with problems. Pervasiveness When we lose or fail,

My Memorable Vacation in Asia

Every year I look forward after Easter. This is because I usually plan to have my annual vacation during this time. This year is quite different in many ways and in meaning. There are many good reasons why I wanted to see my family again in the Philippines, and at the same time feel excited about traveling back to Norway thereafter, which for the first time I would be calling my primary home. Longest vacation so far. I had over three weeks this year. Significantly longer than last year. I used the time judiciously to be with my family and friends, at the same time travel outside and within the Philippines. Each day was unique. Generally, the vacation started busy, but ended very relaxed. Fortunately, the plan I drafted was implemented well and almost everything went smooth. It gave me the experience and learning I needed for my next travels. Most number of airplane rides . It was a total of twelve plane rides I took. (1) Oslo-Istanbul, (2) Istanbul-Manila, (3) Laoag-Mani