Cirrus and Jasmine: Cheers to Life! (Poem with Video)

I was supposed to publish this blogpost tomorrow. But since Jasmine already saw the video I made, I could publish this. This poem narrates how I met two people, who became close to me, and yes they are getting married tomorrow. I made a video message for them too.

Jasmine is a friend very close to me since thirteen
Shared highschool hardships planned and unforseen
Considered a sister crying unnecessarily after tough exams
Experienced those school preparations. I cram. She crams.

We had so many personal things and attributes in common
From education and all those boring stuffs. Come on!
Both made compromise to study in Butuan. Just here!
Both thought that would not boost chances for a good career.

Went to nursing school at Urios with doubts and scepticism
However remained steadfast, still focused in objectivism.
After a year, we both ended as nursing Dean's listers.
Everything went well. At our backs, laurels and glisters.

Then some of batch bests were grouped into a class.
It was a destiny's way to meet a Cirrus for this good lass.
At first impression, I told Jasmine Cirrus suits well for her
My support was there, there is nothing in them to deter.

Jasmine blushed for the first time, never I seen that before
But I observed her admiration and feelings, she was trying to ignore.
Conservative Jasmine took her time, perhaps per mother's advice.
Well, I think that was good for Cirrus to think twice or thrice.

But I remember those beach moment Jasmine got jealous.
That time I confirmed a budding relationship that is precious
And yes before the schoolyear ended at Valentine's, they became a pair
Little uncertainty for Cirrus at start, while Jasmine before had no other affair

Who would thought they would be a couple, why not in my head?
Their past or non-past is no longer meaningful, just go ahead.
They complemented each other pretty well personally and at school
However sometimes they shift roles, especially who is to rule

A good memory is when Jasmine got a big bear as a gift
Hard to ignore for others that hey this shy girl got a life shift.
As a result, Cirrus became an extended friend through Jasmine
An intermittent enthusiastic classmate I observed he had been

During nursing license exam, Cirrus saw how I prepared and feared
We were roommates. Our hairs almost meet at bedtime. Quite weird.
He was there to listen when I cried, laughed and complained
A far-brother is Cirrus through Jasmine I instantly gained

Things got different after getting our nursing licenses.
We had taken different paths. Life indeed tested our decisiveness.
Jasmine worked liked me as a dedicated nursing clinical instructor
Took Master's degree. Got a career-oriented day-to-day structure.

Cirrus decided to take his own path, but sometimes it makes me wonder
Whether he was up to something, perhaps looking for other profession to discover
Then I went to a far cold beautiful Norway to start anew
Every vacation I meet Jasmine for everything back home I'm curious too.

But I was quite worried this pair aren't going to be soon engaged
Thus I was glad to know at last they did not wait to be aged.
I really wanted to be there in your lovely wedding today
I just got home from vacation. It is not just easy to fly away.

Best wishes my sister friend Jasmine and my friend Cirrus
Be each other's supporter for each other's happiness and laurus.
I am always here for both of you, and your children-to-come
Will try to communicate often with you, be with you and celebrate in some.

Certainly, I will be all throughout your family's life  journey
I know I do not do this for all, just for those I think like you worthy
My offer still stands. Come and visit my new home Norway
Aurora borealis, midnight sun, Artic Circle, breathtaking Fjords someday

Enjoy life for oneself's sake. That is personal great reminder
Think of that as life endurance-booster and relationship-binder
Now you lovely Cirrus and Jasmine are husband and wife
Soon to be father and mother, I'm just here for you. Cheers to life!


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