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Truth or Lies: Worth Trusting?

It is of utmost significance that I caution you regarding the influence of falsehoods and the crucial necessity of pursuing veracity. Regrettably, certain individuals opt to obscure the truth and enshroud it in a multitude of deceits, which can be highly persuasive to the uninformed. It is imperative that one recognizes this grim reality. This is the focus of this blogpost. It is further crucial to remember that no one is obliged to explain what the truth is or why it was kept secret. However, when the truth is masked, there is a tendency that the lie eventually becomes the truth for some, and this can lead to a delusion of what the truth really is. But the more the truth is covered, fortunately, the more obvious the lie becomes, even at first glance. Allow me to caution you regarding the truth, as well. While it is essential to pursue the truth and uphold honesty in our personal lives, we must also acknowledge that the truth can occasionally be arduous to confront. The tru

The Past: Silence, Secrecy, Solitude

My dear self, I understand that it hasn't been an easy journey for you to overcome the challenging and intricate situation you've faced for several years. However, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the remarkable progress you've made so far and the immense strength you've demonstrated in persevering through it all. It's understandable to have moments of pessimism, but I want to reassure you that the healing process is still promising, and you possess the ability to fully recover. It's important to be mindful of three factors that could have contributed to the development of habits that you may not be proud of. These factors include silence, secrecy, and solitude. While these elements may have offered you some level of comfort and security at a particular time, they could also be preventing you from making progress and achieving complete recovery from your past experiences. Silence By keeping your emotions locked inside, you could be hindering yo

13000 days: Turbulent Tough Trying Times

The last 1000 days were considered uniquely full of learnings through challenging experiences and personal struggles. I never really expected that to happen as I actually believed that I am optimistic, resilient and robust enough to withstand anything, given my humble beginnings and seemingly impossible journey to where I am now. However, it is still noteworthy for me mark the end my 13th chapter of my life that started 1st of August, 2020 until today. The pandemic that changed all of us. The first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic started to ease as this period began. I was actually feeling comfortable living alone, and dealing with the restrictions at first. Then the second wave hit my workplace, and the experience of being a frontliner in a pandemic is something I underestimated. I could still feel the after effects of isolation, quarantine rules, digital meetings and being too careful for others. I regret being too hard to myself, unlike the others who lived a little bit le