Let go of these three

Humans have tendencies to be possessive and assert their ownership on things and people they have. Perhaps, this is the reason why in all languages possessive pronouns exist: mine, yours, hers, his or theirs. There are things we keep and want to keep for ourselves. This may not be a problem unless the circumstances dictate that it is the perfect time to let go, and cease to hold unto these things. Here I would list three things everyone should let go no matter what it takes.

A toxic non-serving relationship

Relationships make or break us. Actually, the effect of relationships in our lives depends on us as well. We let relationships make or break us. Some relationships make us better indidivuals by supplementing us with harmony and happiness in our lives. At times, relationships end but still it gives us the benefits of the learning the end comes with. However, there are relationships that are so-called toxic and non-serving. It does not yield any new learnings, instead it produces more inconvenience, difficulty and pain in one's life. This toxic relationships often exists in cycle. There are better days, however, the hurt and mistakes will still repeat itself in a short time. The problem is that the individuals involve in this toxic relationship are either afraid or anxious to confront the white elephant in the room. The problem will never be solved, the bad consequences continue and there is no option left but to forget and move on.

A person who does not see your worth

We are social beings. We coexist with others. The irony is that we make ourselves known for other to appreciate our worth and keep us in their lives. However, we do not also realize that there are billions of humans in this world. We are unique but there are similar individuals who could be like us, or do the things we like too. Our worth dwindles as people learn that we are indeed replaceable. Another irony exists is that if others believe we are replaceable that is also true for them in our lives. We are replaceable and maybe identical with others, but we have worth that others should see and at least respect. They may not appreciate it, but at least let your worth be known to them. Should they ignore it, then it is time to move on.

A painful, destructive memory

The greatest form of self-torture is to keep on reminding oneself of painful memory repetitively. Many people do this to themselves unfortunately. However, this is not usual. Because of hope for change of a situation, people romanticize painful memories as if they are part of an exciting adventure, rather than that one should learn and move on from. We keep on reminding ourselves of the memory, inspite of the fact that it does not yield any single benefit for us. The reasons for keeping the memory are either useless or imaginary. Since, there is no reason for keeping the memory, there is no alternative left but to move on.

Let go. Do not keep them. These are the things that are useless in the long run. It may feel inconvenient at first but let go. Never think, just do it. Give yourself a chance and opportunity to do so. Do not doubt. It is not easy but in time it would feel better. Many have succeeded so now, it is the time to move on. Do it now. Let go of them. 


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