True? Ignorance is Bliss

There are things and situations that could potentially affect us but are either intentionally made unaware from us or by chance we get not to know them. These somehow could may help us in a way, but the fact that these are still attempts to hide the truth creates a pressing dilemma. Is it better to remain ignorant on hard truth or is it better to know everything, including all that could potentially harm us. What are the implications is the focus of this blogpost.

Out of sight. Out of mind.

What we see, know and we experience are the grearest source of stress. It is generally impossible to control what we perceive that could lead for us to feel stressful or anxious. Furthermore, this stress is itself the major influence on how individuals act and decide. This is because people avoid all measures that could lead to stress and ofcourse would prefer to take the alternatives that provide opportunities and benefits. It is therefore somehow advantageous if one got not to know things that may lead to negative outcomes and undue stress. The more blinded therefore one could be, the less challenged and stressed a person could be, regardless of how naive they would be seen by others. The most important is that the person concerned experiences less stress and more pleasure as we say.

Lack of knowledge results to happiness.

Knowledge is power, but with power comes with great responsibility. There is nothing wrong with gaining responsibilities, but the same responsibilities assume more ambitious tasks that take one's attention away from the simple things that provide genuine happiness. The problem today lies that we are more conscious of the general picture of things, instead of the simple and small things that influence the way we live day by day. This is the same reason that when one is never made aware of things that makes one think more of the general picture, one has more time to think and experience the things that contribute to one's happiness.

Willful or invincible ignorance.

Some people by bad faith would choose not to get all information or overview of the situation to avoid taking painful, uncomfortable and difficult decisions and thereafter release themselves of the burden or responsibility accorded to decision-making. Although there is a malicious intent to do this by anticipating the possible decision points in the future, the objective is quite advantageous and could be beneficial by taking steps away from a difficult path that could possibly lead to a more difficult situation that one assumes that he or she could not handle properly. Therefore, willful ignorance could be a preventive measure of an impending more complex situation one could not cope or handle well.

Everyone tell lies and everyone has several motivations and intents. Because of this variation, people vary on what one would prefer to have a hard truth or a sweet lie. To reduce stress, maintain happiness or avoid difficult decisions are common reasons why people would opt to be ignorant or to be told a so-called white lie. However, the question remains whether all of these goals would be attained still even without being ignorant. Ignorance hinders full use of one's free will so if one gets full knowledge of everything concerning oneself, an individual could choose what to do thereafter regardless of the truth's complexity, a way keeping one's rationality. Still in the end, people could differ on what is important: rationality or ignorance with bliss. You decide.


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