Officially, I am 30! (Poem)

Today I have officially left the life phase of twenties
Years of my young life that started in seven and eighties.
It felt like life in the last three decades went too fast 
Such that in my memory everything is fresh both present and past

Many things have happened, but it's the learning that matters
Holding one's faith, being resilient and tough even life itself batters
From my simple childhood characterized by unconditional love and care.
My parents and family were always there, either whenever or anywhere

The early years in school influenced me for the principles I believe and now stand for
Then I was able to distinguish what, when, why and who I adore and abhor
Being economically disadvantage, I learn that money changes everything
Even a factor whether those vulnerable would in life even get anything or nothing.

The practical things I learned made me endure tough challenges and competitions
But not all of them were tolerable due to their unthinkable esteem-wrecking conditions
Luckily, I had a never-ending desire to achieve higher and better, indeed a life motivation
However, I realized success and achievement are not all in life in that short duration

Furthermore, education is just preparation. Attititude and empathy are life's most crucial
Especially because self-centeredness and hatred in this world are quite usual.
While in endeavors, perseverance is the key, but one must remain principled and grounded
For there are many temptations for easy tracks out there, all of us are by them surrounded

However, life is not a bed of roses as it seems, there are also thorns that hurt and prick
Those increases chance for mistakes, misjudgment; a sort of life's irony and trick
For life is not always on the positive. There will be unexpected negative surprises
Hindrances, bumps and turns could therefore force one to take inevitable compromises

When things are getting darker, accept it. No one appreciates light without it.
Believe tenaciously though there is hope at the end - that is grit. In life one should go for it.
One should also have just the meekness to ask help whenever it is seriously needed
It is not a sign of weakness or that one in life in defeat and sorrow has already conceded.

Find something that makes you happy. For me they are travel, history, friends and family 
As of this date I have been to 21st country. Those trips and adventures keep my sanity.
I look forward to understand more the world. How we are alike, clash and differ?
Those learnings will perhaps help me become the person: stronger, wiser and better.

Now I'd like to thank the people who influenced me to be the person I am today
They consistently remind me to return and take the right track, not going astray
I am especially thankful for my parents for supporting me unselfishly
Their love and simplicity have allowed me to grasp what life is in its complexity

Tatay, others may think we do not care. We do, but just not thru what others think we have to.
Outsiders would never understand. They'll just judge us. But we truly love and care for you.
Mama, I just want to see you smile. That is because that is something you deserve truly.
You simply give what you have. You are a mother to everyone. Indeed an unselfish duty.

To my beautiful and stubborn sister, who I dearly miss and love 
Remember you and your brother still share the northern skies above.
To my grandfather Loloy for all the valuable guidance and advices I got
You have always been there as my conscience, making me think again what to do or not.

My niece, Julienne I hope you become a mature well-reflected person. 
However, do not be pressured though. We are here to help you be your best version.
To our little boy in the family, thank you for making me smile and laugh
Never did I realize you are growing so fast. I'm contented with all your seriousness and gaffes

The rest of my dear family who I may not communicate so often. 
Snub they would say. Tough and ruthless my image needs in the future to soften.
To my special someone, thank you for being there inspite of my shortcomings.
There are difficulties yes but I look forward of a future with you with more new beginnings.

To my old and new friends, I assure you nothing has changed, aside from my age.
There are things I may not have told you. But things will be better stage-by-stage.
To my workmates, happy working to all us. Thank you as well for your patience.
I wish all of us will have better careers ahead, far from being sick of complacence.

For the Phillippines, I honestly want to do more, and contribute more for the country
Perhaps in the future. Because there are things that mean more than having wealth and money
For my new home Norway, the opportunities I got is something I will treasure forever
Tusen takk for making me the person who is stronger, clever; my future and all whatsoever.

To life in general, I know the future is uncertain and could be at times challenging.
But a better person I become with contentment. That is what I'm imagining.
I will not promise anything to anyone or anybody. I vow to live one day at a time.
Deciding on what is important for the day. Listening to life's sweet music in its chime.

I know I think a lot. I do not see that from changing significantly in the future.
I would be more present for others. Social relationships I want to persistently nurture.
However, I promise myself to take actions based on what makes me going and happy
Slowly taking one step at a time to become the best person for myself and others I can be.


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