High Respect for My Mother

Today (August 8) is the birthday of my mother. I have not missed a year as far as I remember not writing about her in my personal blog. It is quite obvious I have many things to write about her. I think I would tirelessly write about her. She is simply an amazing person.

My mother showed me what grit is.

My mom did not achieve what I did but one thing is for certain, if she had the opportunity before, she could have succeeded more in life and career. This is because she has the grit personality, which is a long-lasting determination to do something even without expecting immediate positive returns. In grit, patience is indeed a virtue, and time is not a hindrance but an opportunity. I saw that grit personality everyday when I was a child in her. I learned to compromise things wholeheartedly because my mom sacrificed more than I could ever do in my lifetime. In my mind, there is no excuse for not doing something. My mom could do it, why can't I?

My mother made me understand women.

I am not a female expert but everytime I do not understand them, I easily think of my mother and sister. Then I realize how complicated can a female be. (But this post is not about my sister hihi). I hate people abusing women and taking their free will from them. They decide on what they want and should never be subjected to anyone. To be honest, the only time I thought of becoming a lawyer is when I think of all subservient and vulnerable women out there. However, my mom reminds me of a strong, patient woman for the whole family. She is not perfect mother, but very near from perfect. She is one of a kind of a mother I can say, an epitome of what a woman could be, if she chose to be a full-time mother.

My mother is a mother not just to me.

I remember very well my mother crying on a video conversation telling me if she was beside me she could have taken everything "wrong" in me. My heart melted. God, I felt very sorry for her for having a son like me. That showed how dedicated she is as a mother, not just for me and everyone who needs a mom surrounding me. I remember all of my visiting friends at home got a son/daughter treatment from her. They were made to eat like there is no tomorrow. Some of them were made feel at home like it is theirs. They got valid and even weird motherly advice from her. She is actually available 24/7 for my niece and nephew because my sister is here. She ofcourse a mother to me and my sister too. A big overflowing motherly heart is what she has.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my love abd gratitude towards my mother. She is there always for all of us, literally many of us. There were times I had disagreements with my mother, but most of the time I was on her side. She I could say was the primary influence in my life. She was there directly and indirectly in all important examinations I took. She woke me up at the wee hours of the night to remind me to study, change clothes or even take medicines. She was my nurse as I strive to become one. She is my ever-supporting mother. I love you ma. Happy birthday.


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