Woman: The Pride of Human Race

Do not get me wrong but I would want to highlight gender equality.  However, with the current state of recognizing the role of women in our society today, I could say we are still far from achieving a balanced perspective between men and women. For women are perceived weak and vulnerable, while men possesses the desired attributes of a rational and productive individual. These associations could be sources of biases against women, such that some consider women deserve less success and opportunities because of their innate softness and subjectivity. Worse, when women make mistakes the society judges them more harshly than a man doing the same wrongful act. This gender disparity is the focus of this blogpost, together with elaborating why the whole human race should be forever to women in general.

The mother

No one in this world could never claim he or she has no mother. The same way, ofcourse, with a father. However, the moment one is born, it has become an expectation that mothers should take care of their children and assume an active role rearing and upbringing of the young children. It is therefore difficult to lose the so-called "motherly touch" at a young age, rather than that of a father. Unlike fathers, who are expected breadwinners of the family, women become obligated to be present almost most of the time to attend the needs of their child. When a mother becomes absent, a more significant permanent psychological impact to the child will result than the result from that of a father. Although both father and mother are necessary to create a loving and nurturing environment for the child, the mother seems more effective and obliged in delivering the required attention to their children. Gender has nothing to do with care, and even time does not matter with care. Whoever and whenever a person is, he or she is capable of caring. So, given women in general are without any logical explanation are more care-efficient, this provides a reason why we all need to be thankful of all the women for exerting more than what is usually expected from that of a man.

The sister

Not everyone has a sister but everyone of us may have female friends, we consider like our true-blooded sisters. They maybe our competitors during our childhood years, but they are integral part of our respective histories. This is because they serve as a mirror and a gauge of what we want in life. They aid us set our direction on what to avoid or pursue in life. Our sister's mistakes provide as a rough guide on how to perform well, behave right and interact appropriately with other individuals. We learn with them to the point we could sharpen ourselves to be better and smarter. Furthermore, a sister is our ever loyal supporter and confidant, such that whenever we need to talk on matters we hardly could discuss with our parents, we do it with our sister. Given the critical eyes and instictual drives of women, it would somehow be beneficial for mankind to nurture these so-called extraordinary skills from women to develop further ourselves.  On the contrary, the paternalistic society we have today dictates for us to steer the wheel of our own fate, rather than learning from others especially from the seemingly unstable group of women. Because of this, women stands on the backstage when it comes to contributing to major decision-making activities either within the family or in the community. This is mental bias against women that should never be replicated. Women are as credible as men. They are as important as men to be heard, because they could be trustworthy and honest in their opinions. This is something the society should be thankful to women.

The partner

Finding the perfect half of another is difficult. The opposite who would exponentially enhance everything in one. In this time, the concept of a partner should not limited to a wife or other related terms. The term encompasses someone who exhibits the feminine role of caring in contrast to the aggressive masculine role of objectivity and firmness. It would be helpful to indicate the difference to translate the common assumptions between men and women to a more comprehensible terms. However, these assumptions are biases themselves, and are not necessarily correct. It is only used here as a reference, not as a universal fact that everybody should accept. In the paternalistic society, though seemingly modern, the role of women has changed overall, especially in relationships. However, this does not provide an evidence that the change is enough to attain equality. In many relationships if not over majority, women has taken the passive obedient supportive role, such that rules and judgments are made in the perspective of a man. Whether right or wrong, the man is accepted to be deserving of respect. The contrary occurs with women. When women are right, the action is considered normal and mere complimentary to what the man does. The achievement of a women is an added laurels for a man. While when women commit mistakes, especially towards a man, the women deserves to carry the burden and disgust all her life, regardless of whether men did the same mistake like the women before. This is outrightly wrong and dumb for the man to think this way. A belief of such kind is a proof of unworthiness to be even called a rational human, for only rational beings see a mistake is the same, regardless of who committed it whether a man or a woman.

There are other roles of a woman. For me, these three roles are enough to present the essence of hailing women to the same level as men in both reason and practice. There is no point of enumerating more roles, when in fact the paternalistic society we have today neglects and underestimates the worth of women in these first three roles. A mistake. A dumb, irrational mistake imposed by paternalistic idiotic individuals. Now is the time to see the world as one and the same for men and women. Whatever role one is assuming, he or she must be evaluated on that role, and not because of one's gender. Without women, men are inexistent and incomplete. Hence, women are the pride of the human race.


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