Social Media Toddlers?

In today's world, sharing information has become very convenient, fast and efficient. Some people are totally dependent on social media. Even though the credibility of social media as a source of information is often questioned, one can not disregard that in connection to personal data, it is the primary medium of sharing and obtaining information about others.

The ethical dilemma now exists on whether we are sharing more personal information than we should actually do. Or have we become social media "harlots", whose primary skill is to attract more attention to get in exchange of anything good for themselves both in the form of confidence and concrete monetary benefits.

Where the line stands?

If there is no significant learning triggered after by sharing personal information, then the act of this type of sharing becomes more of a mere physical act, rather than being both influential and inspirational. This is a line seen in a general contexts, not concrete cases or situations. It is okay to share about one's travel, the food one eats and the people one is with. Nothing is wrong with that as long it is done with a positive purpose for example becoming a symbol of survival or success. But being part of the picture almost all the time at relatively high frequency, focusing only wealth, power and superficiality, that is where the line stands. No one is expected to take and share pictures of themselves, their friends, the place and the food one eats all the time. If one does, a pleasure-seeking harlot would do so.

What benefits could it give?

Harlots would not continue if they do not get meaningful benefits. In social media, the greatest benefit is actually attention. To what purpose would that certain degree of attention bring to a person varies from one individual to another.  However, if social media is used to create a false image for oneself to others that is perhaps worse than harlots. At least harlots recognize what they do and what their services yield. On the other hand, falsely-projected image show empty satisfaction with no sense of purpose of whatsoever. Would that be comparable with harlots making themselves more likable to attract more? Is it the same way attention in social media is utilized by some to fit into a brutal externally-driven society.

How this affect the society?

The society has strengthened the belief that those with well-off friends, high-paying jobs, frequent travel opportunities and access to good food and other certain activities, are also those of the world's happiest and most satisfied. This however may just provide a mask over the inner weaknesses a person is trying to hide. Generally, the more uncertain, the more empty inside each individual, the society, which consists of these individuals, will show more problems and challenges in the long run. This creates a disadvantageous situation for the entire society.

I would like to dissociate the word "harlot" to a disgusting taboo and something socially unacceptable. Harlots or prostitutes engage in these activities for several reasons, but mostly because of monetary and personal reasons. This is quite in contrast with those I refer as social media harlots. Sharing personal information in social media regardless of which level is socially-acceptable, generally non-disgusting and seldomly done for economic reasons.

But have the society produced a new type of attention-seeking pleasure to confirm one's self-worth? Are we like usual harlots that their gains show how attractive they are for others? No one is exempted ofcourse. Perhaps in all my social media accounts and blog, I have already shared unnecessary things. I try to be discreet in some things, but perhaps I myself for others is such thing. If I am, I know I am not alone. They are certainly many of us. However, honestly, as of now, I am not yet such, but without this realization I would in short time become one.


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