First 200 Weeks of Living in Norway

This week I am marking my first 200 weeks of living in Norway. That was quite a long time but it feels like some of the events happened just yesterday. Since my blog is something I consider my public diary, it would be fitting to write about it here.

Goal of making me grow up

The primary goal is to make me more responsible and mature enough for future endeavours. I think I am accomplishing it here in Norway. I got a deeper insight of what life is and new perspective on how to live it. Life is not just about struggles and the lessons that come with it. It is about the moments of happiness that makes it meaningful and unique. We live only once we just have to do what we could to give and find meaning to our existence.

Some things do change for good

The track I am traversing right now is a product of the actions and decisions I made that are contributory for the permanent changes in my life ahead. Going back to the Philippines for good becomes more and more improbable. The things I used to do in the Philippines as a nurse educator may take time for it to be repeated in reality. I honestly miss teaching, but I know the future could give me that opportunity in one way or another, depending on my will and determination.

New priorities, new direction

My long-term priority is about stability, while gaining much experience about the world is what I want in the short-term. I want to travel either alone, or with friends, family and loved ones. That will enrich my understanding of the world I live in. On the other hand, I want to create a future, which is stable, less stressful and sustainable. This is the reason I intend to continue to live in Norway. I hope people will get to appreciate this country the same way I do.

I am still the same old person deep inside, just embellished with so much learnings and new experiences that made me look different. I am thankful for destiny led me to this beautiful place. I could not think of another country that would suit what I want, my personal goals, need for peace of mind and security. Never did I imagined before I would be living in Norway. I am actually very excited of what is in store in the next hundred of weeks to come.

Å starte på nytt på et fremmed land er ikke lett. Det krever så mye fra en person. Man blir sliten i hodet ved å tenke på hva fremtiden bringer. Men det eneste man kan gjøre er å fylle hjerte med håp og optimisme at alt i virkeligheten skal gå bra. Heldigvis bor jeg i en av verdens lykkeligste land så er det i seg selv nok for å holde troen at alt forandrer seg for det bedre. :-)


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