The Youngest in Our Family

Exactly one month before my birthday, my nephew is celebrating his (August 23). There are certainly a lot of things in our lives that remind us of his natal date, especially the approximate length of time we were actually living in Norway, including all the experiences and challenges we had here. However, in my mind, today is a day of celebration for the youngest member of the family, Francis.

A symbol of a new era

The birth of Francis marks a new phase in our family. There is a significant difference on how it has been before he was born and from that it is after. Coincidentally, the family took another track with Francis as a reminder of that. We strive harder so that the next phase will be better than the current one. We are hoping that by that time my nephew and niece will take the leading role for the benefit of the entire family.

An inspiration to all of us

I consider Francis as the common midpoint in the family. Whatever differences in opinions, ideas and principles within the family, Francis has served as the binding material for us. If those differences result into conflicts, somehow my nephew gives the space and break we need to think over those differences and start anew. Just like how I and my sister are doing in Norway. We are here to make sure whatever we have will be passed on to them for their use and benefit. That itself is a source of inspiration.

Our sweet little boy

He is the youngest member (so far) in the family. He has two in the house whom he considers as father figure, and a 24/7 grandma (my mom) who is always there for her. Ofcourse, this is aside from his parents. It is quiet a complicated family structure, but one thing is certain everyone is delighted to have Francis as the youngest in the family. He maybe spoiled at times, but who cares he is the sweet little boy in the family.

I honestly would like Francis to read this post in the future. Perhaps, there are things he may not understand by the time he might read this. Life maybe complicated. However, I really hope and pray he never forgets that everything we did and are doing are the result of our love and care for him. Happy Fourth Birthday Francis Anthony! We love you!


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