Time Flies So Fast (Personal Poem)

New Year's Eve was just like yesterday. Everything seems to be happening in fast pace. This is something I have observed in the last few months. It is quite exciting to know what will happen in this next months, but ofcourse the anxiety is still there because no one would ever know what would happen. Today, I am writing a personal blogpost to serve as a checkpoint of where I stand in my life as of this moment in time. Today is not my birthday though, but it is worthy to mark this day with something unique - a poem.

Since 2017 began, everything seems to be in fast pace.
Various events, situations that test both skills and grace
Those unfinished last year is currently well-unfolding.
Still pushing my luck, taking chances not withholding.

With my nursing license, things are brightening at last
This is what I have been hoping for long in steadfast
Just crossing my fingers, the last exam went well.
If it turns out to be successful, I'll celebrating in yell.

Although, the transition thereafter is something I worry.
There are just some things that remain to be blurry
But most important for me now is retain a tenured job.
That is all the oppotunities' opening welcoming knob.

Ofcourse, a stable job would make me travel anywhere.
This is something I regularly need, a breath of fresh air
Also, this year might be the year for permanent residency.
This means stability not just for me, but also for my family.

That would mark my fourth year in the beautiful Norway.
Think of those over thousand chances I got day-by-day.
That would also be also my third year in regular blogging
Those personal posts, learnings seldom quite mind-boggling.

Also few months from now, I will be passing on my thirties.
But still juvenile days are not gone for merrying and parties.
I have grown older, but will remain young in mind at heart
Although not childish and irresponsible, simply getting smart.

I won't be missing my family that much coz I'm traveling back
Although my sister just bravily transferred north to try her luck.
I wish all the good things for my dear tough sister up there.
As well as good health for them, these are all in my daily prayer.

There are things still I am thinking to happen this year.
That will consume resources, but grabbing them in austere.
Becoming better in Norwegian, Spanish and French perhaps.
Passing another Norwegian test will at last fill undesired gaps.

Same thing with going back to past hobby drawing or painting.
However, not forgeting to stay still in shape, weight-controlling.
Using my free time wisely. Cooking and baking, how about that?
Something that will make me practical. These I am working at.

Since, I am literally living more independently at the moment.
I am more open for visiting friends for leisure and enjoyment.
If you are asking if I have a special someone, yes I do have.
Had been not open about it. Just allow me to enjoy with my half.

There are still that bothers me I have still my weaknesses.
My frailties and failures though consitute my uniqueness.
Strong, tough, but emotional, reflective and more social.
Relaxed and lazy at times, but not missing those most crucial.

There are still characteristics I can further in my self improve
Had been a lot better as a person. Something's a great move!
Perhaps I want to be more spiritual, not necessarily religious.
But more sensitive to the world around, less self-conscious.

Day-by-day, I meet new diverse people anywhere, whereever.
From that I gain for myself and from them, learning whatsoever
This is so far my year, actually just two months I just used.
The rest of the year, not living life fully is something I refuse.


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