Happiness: Everyone Deserves

Few days ago, the world marked the International Day of Happiness. As part of the commemoration, survey results on the list of countries whose citizens are the happiest came out, and for several years, Norway (the country where I currently live in) ranked within the happiest based on several indicators. However, these indicators would give the impression that happiness is something dependent on other factors, such as that it could be compared in terms of indices. I am not saying that the survey result is non-credible but what I am pointing out is that happiness is something that everyone could have, because everyone deserves it. This is the focus of this blogpost.

Social security could influence.

The people that surrounds us and the amount one gets from the environment are crucial influence of the happiness experience. A person  maybe stable within, but if the immediate environment is not congruent with this, a person may feel discontented in the long run. This is not because the environment is a crucial step to attain happiness, but because humans are social beings. The way we communicate and live with others determine our perception of happiness. However, one could not discount the fact that solitude may not necessarily mean absence of happiness. The social environment and support just add to the entire experience of happiness, but still not required. The most important is that an individua achieves balance within and beyond.

Personal stability affects perception.

There are no rules in happiness. One could be poor but happy. Ofcourse, there are rich people who are genuinely happy also. It is clear that the ability of oneself to express oneself freely without fear, feel recognized based strengths and abilities, and decide on personal matters well-informed and without coercion are important to perception of happiness. These are however, not requirements of happiness, but things seem quite difficult for one to experience happiness without them. However, abundance is not a prerequisite still to happiness. In fact, there are many  wealthy individuals, who have not achieved wisdom, maturity and recognition even they have enormous wealth.

Contentment is the key.

Hedonists perhaps are guilty of being so conscious of what happens today, rather than yesterday or what will be tomorrow. This is not completely incorrect for what is important is what we do and feel in the present time. If we ever made mistakes in the past, then today is the perfect time not to repeat them, but one is advised not to seriously regret them. They are only things of the past. On the other hand, the future will remain unknown forever, so one should refrain thinking anxiously of what will occur. Do what you can do today and feel contented about it. Those significant things are the things that provide contentment. Focus on them now and be satisfied and happy then.

There are several things people consider first before saying they are happy. The fact is that when people consider these things first, then they never will become happy. Happiness does not require anything, except a decision to become one. One does not have to sacrifice something to achieve it, or wait for someone or something for it to happen. Everyone could be happy. It is a useful resource that everyone deserves. Yes, there are things that affect how open we are to decide to be happy, and how long we realize that nothing hinders us to be happy. However, happiness in its purest form, not difficult to have then.


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