Modern Narcissistic Tendencies

Modern technology has paved way to another trend in the values and characteristics of the society. People have become more and more self-conscious than before. There are things that we never did before, but today is completely acceptable and even morally-tolerated. The big question will always, does the technological advancement made us more inclined to become narcissistic? This blogpost revolves around this question.

It is all about me, while others observe.

Social media has now become a media to share everything about what is happening in the life of a particular person. What we are doing, eating and wearing, to where we are traveling are perhaps few of the most liked themes in social media. On the other hand, topics about social movement, education and advocacies earn the tags of being boring and too formal in the social media space. Because of this, people would particularly be incentivized through the attention they get to continue doing these self-directed usage of social media. There are ofcourse some exceptions, but majority of social media users have very strong narcissistic tendencies. Selfies, blogs like this, Youtube videos, Twitter and Facebook have become medium encouraging narcissism, not because it is designed as such, but due to the societal preference of what is worthy of sharing or not, unfortunately, the society is more inclined to oneself, rather than the whole itself.

What makes my life easier is always better.

Convenience is the key factor for all technological development. The intention perhaps is to make processes and systems more feasible so the greater benefit for the entire society would be eventually hasten. It is also noteworthy that in making things convenient for the society's benefit, people would also find more time and resources for themselves, thereby contributing to more satisfaction and productivity as a whole. However, the problem lies on this assumption that the primary effect will be on the society in general. In reality, the opposite is true. Technology makes it convenient for people to be more engaged with themselves rather than participating in social development. What has become better is that people have improved a lot with everything related to themselves than doing something for common good.

What feels good for me is most important.

Hedonism has become more popular moral standard. What makes me happy is something that is right. This is actually an offspring of the argument that since man is rational, he or she is capable of determing what makes him or her happy or satisfied, so whatever he or she feels good about is something right. However, not all of the time, this standard is easy to be interpreted, such that what makes one happy, may not necessarily another feel the same on or about it. The subjectivity creates even conflicts in interests and opinions, so this is further aggravated by the fact that when tension arises, people tend to cover and protect more themselves, thereby becoming more narcissistic and perhaps selfish. The cycle repeats itself.

Ofcourse, altruism is something that we should be more motivated for. To do something selfless is still the gold standard for kindness and goodness, but these acts have become more and more seldomly done in reality. The supposed rapid development in science and technology should supposedly support a cohesive and efficient society, by making communication clearer and faster. That is the objective but the end result seems quite ironic from its designated purpose. We have become more focused on everything about ourselves and everything related to it. There is nothing incorrect about this in a morally perspective. We are entitled to everything we want to do, but this blogpost attempts to set a reminder that the world is not just about us, instead about everything the revolves and surrounds us.


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