Que Sera Sera: Taking Life As It Is

Life is simply something that is unpredictable and full of challenges and surprises. Everyday is change in itself, but no one seems to be well-prepared of these changes. People though attempts to plan to mitigate the risks and consequences of forthcoming changes. However, the change may still occur with the accompanying adverse possibilities regardless of how well the plan has been made and implemented. Because of this, some people take life as it is, day-by-day, uncomplicated and at its simplest form, as what the famous song, Que Sera Sera. This is the focus of this blogpost.

Take one at a time.

Many are quite busy of many things at the same time. Some become very busy of so many things simultaneously that they forget to live their lives to the fullest. One must be efficient, but being efficient does not automatically mean optimum. What is optimal is to give full attention to one at a time, and learn to enjoy in the process og making failures and success along the process. Efficiency furthermore is not just doing everything at the same time, but achieving the positive results by giving full focus to one at a time, while learning and enjoying at the same time.

Life is today

The focus of life should be living every moment of it. One should not procastinate believing that things will always be better in the future. Sometimes, the future provides us more harsh truth than the present time. It is necessary for us to take pur chance to be better and do the things we want to do, or have been longing to do. There is no fear at present. People just know what is happening, which only necessitates one to enjoy the moment in one's life. Although at present, we are prone to mistakes and misjudgment, but these does not provide sufficient reason not to live life today.

Prudence is still a must.

Life will become as it will be. However, this life motto does not encourage us to take reckless decisions and actions. It is remarkable to live one's on the present time, but never ignoring all the possible consequences of the present in the near future. Prudence is necessary even one vows to enjoy life to the fullest by living today. Being centered to the present times need not mean being naive of what the future might bring. After all, we should make the balance of past, present and future.

There are many things that simply affect the way we live our lives. Our experiences aid in determing our threshold to certain risks. Our aspirations motivates us to anticipate and reduce the risks that may have a direct or indirect effect. However, our experiences and aspirations should not blind us from living what is important, which is today. There is no happiness if we continuously live with what happened and what we will happen. Today is the right time to be happy. Life will be as it will be, based on what we do today.


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