Less is More

Man's needs are insatiable. People want more and more of the things they need and want. It seems people do not ever care whether resources are getting scarce, and worse even the desire to be satisfied gets more difficult to attain as days go by. Everyone wants more, but sometimes they do not know what they really want. They just want to get without even thinking those are useful or necessary to them. This mentality has been increasingly popular in these modern days. However, we humans tend to forget that more is less, and less is more. This is the focus of this blogpost.

Simplicity is the best.

This is easy said than done. Being simple is something associated with something ordinary and boring. People think that being simple is not being unique. This actually some truth to this because people must possess something different to get the attention of another, and as human beings, attention is actually the first step to get recognition, respect and even understanding. However, this is not entirely true for being simple is now very rare, that being overdone is what has become ordinary. Since most people want more, so there are very few who will have less. Those who will have less are has now become unique, thereby confirming that indeed less is more.

Looking for essence is challenging.

The greatest challenge for us human beings is being able to separate needs and wants. From there, one should also prioritize according to a timeline and its essentiality. It is something many find very difficult to so, such that everything are equally important. People always find reasons to justify a desire over a need, but many are clueless why other needs and wants are needed first than the rest. This is quite ironic for a rational being, capable of judgement and equipped with abstract thinking. Looking for what is essential should have been inate, but as we see of today, this is absent in most of us, wastingly investing time and effort of acquiring more.

What others need may not be like us.

Our environment actually influences what we like and want. Our human instincts to be better, stronger and look better in comparison with others is what motivates us to seek further ways to get more. Sometimes, we could control ourselves, but our environment goes in opposition to this. People are perhaps designed to be affected by its surroundings, by thinking how man could get something beneficial from it, and how get more from it. It is ofcourse self-centered, but seen in a general perspective. The cycle of getting influenced by the environment and losing control of oneself repeats itself and seems to be endless.

Less is indeed more. There are things we like that we want to get it immediately but are not really necessary for that particular time. Getting less however does not mean compromising what we need and like. It is about controlling oneself for the right reasons on the right time. People may engage in impulsivity of acquiring everything. However doing so makes possessing thing non-special, leaving one the feeling of wanting more. If we know how to think first before anything, refraining at times, we all humans may achieve the satisfaction we desire. We therefore get more, by thinking more and becoming less impulsive of having more,


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