On A New Epoch

Few months from now, I will be celebrating my thirtieth birthday. It is with happy heart that I am looking forward to it. Never did I actually planned so much about it, except for the fact that I wanted to celebrate it in Spain. I wanted to have a photoshoot for myself, which I never really had. Today, my life has made a 360-degree turn, and it was because I made a choice that will change my life forever.

I am not afraid of change.

I was really never afraid of change, or making risks in life. I have started from nothing in a land where I barely knew something. I can say it was never been easy. Even things are getting as difficult as it is, I never made backing off as an option to start with. I am always pushing myself to reach over my limits. I was thirsty for something new and challenging. I became a person, who never give up on my dreams and the feat to achieve higher and better. Because of this, I take risks and embrace change as part of the process. However, recently things are again evolving as if I am entering a new life phase in my life. I could say I do. I know this will last until the time I live in this world, a time so long enough for me to accumulate memories still, and even make the difference I aspire to do, not probably about changing the world but simply making a mark in my own little ways.

Living is about day-to-day renewal.

I admit I am more of a planner, a person who anticipates everything. I never miss any alternative in my mind. I embrace all possibilities as much as possible, so I could see what I need to understand. This is perhaps a gift I had, a skill difficult for others to have. I can say this period in my life is something I have also foreseen before. It could happen based on the previous choices I made. I could not deny the fact that those choices, where not free of risks and I am pretty aware of that. It was part of my belief of living better by not worrying to much of what will happen in the future. However, I make mistakes and this is something I forgot, but part of it is the chance today brings me to do something about what I did before. On the onset of this new epoch of my life, I am making a decision to renew my life one day at a time, nothing longer than that. I will stay happy as I should, and will make a decision to stay that way as long as I live.

People come and go.

I have always imagine myself like a bus stop. People need to stay there as long as they want to, or expected to do so. When the bus comes, people leave with gladness and anticipation for the next journey without even missing the bus stop in the way. The good thing is people still come back, and take the same journey again. In my life, there were people who stayed quite longer. I appreciate them for doing so. Some have left intentionally or unintentionally. As I enter this new epoch in my life, they are people who had been there before but no longer now. When situations change, people also do. One can not expect one person remains the same, when the affecting environment does. I am fully aware of the consequences. It pains me to see some people go, but I am focusing more on the people who would come eventually, accepting the new version of me in that new life phase I am.

I would still love to go to Spain, perhaps in places I have never been to. I would love to learn new languages. Do something more productive, but less risky. There will be adjustments in my life. There are things I could no longer do. There are places it would be impossible to come. There will be things I would limited to reach. This is the new period in my life, quite different from what others think, but a time where I could still have good memories and long-lasting learning. Good day to everyone.


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