Right Time for Everything?

When is the right time for everything? Is it today, in the near future or perhaps few months or years from now? This is a perplexing question anyone is confronted. But when can we really say it is the right time? This is the main theme of this blogpost.

When you have the courage

Courage is a feeling and act of valor inspite of uncertainty and danger. This is I believe the only kind of feeling we need to act. We do not need to feel happy, contented or secured, before we act. When we wait to feel better first before we act, then better do nothing at all. That will certainly take time. Feelings vary from time to time. But courage often happen instantaneously. Do something, rather than waiting for the right feeling. The right time is when you feel brave enough. Just be courageous. After all, if you commit mistakes, you can still rectify them and do better perhaps in another time. 

When you have reason

Many of us will never take the risk of acting on something before all the necessary information are gathered. This is actually normal and logical, but nothing in this world is fully known. We are not even fully aware of all the things we think and experience. We will never know everything, but we only need a sufficient reason to act. Through time, we collect more information. Should one be discouraged by reason in the future, then going back to status quo is also an action, isn't it? Do you have a reason to be with someone, for example? If the answer is yes, then act. One reason is enough. If you have no reason, then say it blunt and never waste your time or that of another.

When you are motivated

Unfortunately, we human beings are not just influenced by feelings and reasons. We also need motivation both from ourselves and others. On the other hand, we take into consideration hindrances to act. We naturally weigh out both motivations and hindrances. However, there should be more focus on motivation, rather than hindrances. Those hindrances apply only now, or at limited period of time. Hindrances may disappear in time. So it takes at least one sufficient motivation to act. Not two or more, one motivation is enough. Remember a lot of people regret for not doing what they would have wanted, because they were hindered or waiting for more bursts of motivation. You either regret or act.

After all there is no reason to wait for the right time, because the time when to initiate an action depends on us, not really upon what is happening in our environment or how people treat us. That decision lies on ourselves. Thus, no one can blame another for a delayed action or an unwarranted mistake. We take responsibility over our decisions and actions. On the other hand, when we do not act, then we all take responsibility over inaction and its consequences. Never question why or when, it is a question of what to do.

So, if you are feeling ambivalent on when you need to act, do not wait. As long as you enough courage, reason and motivation, move and act at an instant before it is too late. When you are still in doubt, take your time. But never expect people would wait until you feel things fall at the right time. Life has no guarantees. There is no right time. There are only decisions and actions. We either decide, act, or do nothing at all.


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