We Should Do All Our Share (Poem on Climate Change)

Can we reverse the deleterious effects of climate change?
Later, or else ecological habitats destroyed and estranged
Nearly we made natural adaptatation almost impossible
Planetary greenhouse effects are also becoming irreversible

Carbon human footprint in decades continuously increase
Level of increased fossil fuel consumption also never cease
Nitrous oxide and chemicals pollutes land, water, air due to us
Petroleum, coal and oil limited use thus, we need to discuss

Carbon offset measures and laws therefore are necessary
List of harmful pollutants are unlimited; we must be wary
Note to everyone: we have to safeguard our ozone layer
Plant more trees against UV rays: for all, a need and prayer

Carbon tax should be implemented by countries, overall
Like and push politicians to adopt and enforce Kyoto Protocol
Never too late to defend clean environment and atmosphere
Persistent sea level rise, remember is a threat all of us to fear

Climate justice should be enshrined in laws and supported
Look fatal environmental effects are evident, must be aborted
Need for renewable energy is crucial and prompt, or else beware
People of the earth of all ages, me, you, we should do all our share

This is an assignment for my niece. She was instructed to make a poem about climate change, with 5 stanzas with 4 lines each. With lines starting words C, L, N, P! 

If the teacher reads this, that C-L-N-P requirement is unnecessary and impossible to fulfill for a 15-year old student with your time allocation. I was a teacher myself. Your learning objective is not SMART. Your assignment is way too demanding. Thus, uncle Paul is on a rescue. 


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