What We Choose

Is life a result of mere chance, destiny or a result of our choices? The answer to this question depends on where we are in our lives. Not too long ago, I am huge follower of the belief of co-creating of our destiny. We move on and decide what to do in our lives, but in general, the path is just partially within our control. Destiny is somehow a vague, predetermined path we can deviate from time to time but nonetheless, we go back to it one way or another. Perhaps, believing on destiny maybe not be illogical at all, but I have changed the way I interpret this. On how I shifted away from this perspective will be discussed on this blogpost.

We choose our unique façade

We present ourselves uniquely to the world. The people surrounding are accustomed to a set of values and patterns of actions associated with us. This constitutes our identity directed towards others. However, at times, the exterior is incongruent to what really is inside, our real identity - the person we know who we believe we really are. This is not a result of external manipulation by others, but of our choices. To which extent we reveal our true selves is a choice in itself. Although people are encouraged to keep both external and internal versions of ourselves the same, the truth, it is still up to us to how people would get to know us. It is not a mask, but an integral façade. Not necessarily false, but a outward necessary protective layer each person need and decide.

We choose our own paths

A long winding road or a straightforward approach - is something any individual choose based on the influences around or his or her preference. As they say, it is not about the destination but it is all about the journey. The challenges that come along our life path would provide us the opportunity to learn and eventually be better. However, those challenges came, not because of mere coincidence or spontaneously without reason, it was a product of a decision to undertake such path. Some choose it easy, some have opted the difficult means by own will or by force. Nevertheless, it is our choice to take the first step and the succeeding ones to traverse such path. We are responsible for our actions, no matter the influences that affect us.

We choose our destinations

Our goal determines how we act and our motivation. These goals explain why people are driven each day, even though results may not visible yet in the horizon. We keep moving because we have chosen which goal we want and why. Some set their goals to high, some may even opt not to do anything at all. Even for the latter, being stagnant or satisfied by the status quo is still a goal. Therefore, just like any goal, we human beings are led to something because in the first place we have chosen to be such. The result yields without prior action. Those actions are direct result of an evaluation of what to do and what to achieve. In other words, our destination depends on our choices.

Lastly, people may disagree to some or if not all of your arguments written here for choices; but one thing is certain: we human beings are expected and are, in reality rational. By being rational, we look unto alternatives and choose what is best for us. Perhaps, these alternatives may be brought about by coincidence, will or destiny. However, I believe, our lives is a product of our own choices. We make our own choices, and are expected to accept its consequences, and thereafter change or redirect ourselves to another life goal, if needed.


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