Fortune Favors The Bold?

Sometimes, we are confronted with problems and challenges that require us to take risks, and set aside thinking of all the advantages we can get in the end. One just need to be daring in action to take a chance in an endeavor. Sometimes, even the most dating fails, but at least they tried some say. However, is there a limitation to being brave and daring? This is the focus of this blogpost.

Fortune means realistic goals and results.

Aiming for something provides color and purpose to one's life. There are various goals we want to attain for ourselves and our significant others. However, one should differentiate between options and goals. If the two concepts are on the same side, then that could be fortune. One could not just aim something without an acceptable option that will fulfill that goal. The problem sometimes is that people are very good in setting an aim, but they are not so good in finding good options. People simply give up their goals if they seem unachievable, but they failed not actually on their goals, instead in finding alternatives. If there are no longer options left, think again. Rethink and rethink, then if it is certain that there are no other options but to leave things to luck and time, relax and be resilient. Stand again and reset the goal again, now with more options supporting it. Just never give up finding realistic options.

Favor includes luck and probabilities.

Results occur not just because of prior actions. No matter how we explain things, there are still things that could not be explained by logic. Things just happen even to the most prepared and planned. There is an element of luck and randomnity in life. No matter how hard we try, the result does not just entirely depend on hardwork, diligence and even grit. Negative outcomes still result from good plans and actions. Life on Earth is about possibilities. This means that when one fails, one should think even at utmost diligence, shit still happens. We could be unlucky, but no one is unlucky. Things could occur independently from who we are, what we do and how much we are prepared for it. The corollary is also true that when one succeeds in one endeavor, this does not necessariky reflect who we were, what we did to ensure success and how we prepared for it.

The bold could still be anxious and uncertain.

Being bold is not just taking risks. It is not doing something blindly and devoid of emotions or anxiety. The bravest could still fear something or someone. We are all human beings. Even the toughest and strongest could still be anxious. The measurement in life is not really on the strength of our characters especially in handling difficult situations. Everything depends on how we manage our weaknesses to surpass challenges. It is quite natural as part of man's weaknesses to feel uncertain, doubt in our decisions and plans. It is fine to fail. What matters most is how we deal with failures or possible shortcomings. From these failures, one becomes stronger and better to face more challenges ahead.

Life is never easy. There are several things to do and think. This makes life more difficult. However, if one thinks only one thing at a time. Take risks one at a time, make calculated actions, give leeway  for failure, and accept whatever the outcome is - these are things we could deduce from being daring to get fortune. Whatever comes is something we could react only when it really comes.


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