Ten Years in Norway: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Wow, can you believe it's been ten years? It genuinely feels like it was only yesterday when I took my very first steps into the beautiful expanse of Norway. I remember that chilly sensation under my shoes, reminding me that I had embarked on a whole new journey. Initially, my plans only involved a brief stint in this land, but life has a way of throwing surprises, and here I am, a decade later, calling it my home. Norway's mesmerizing beauty, from the vast and serene fjords to the mesmerizing dance of the northern lights, has been a constant backdrop to my life's myriad of moments. Whether I was riding high on joy or navigating through my challenges, the country's landscapes and culture have significantly influenced my personal growth. Allow me to indulge in a bit of nostalgia and guide you through my incredible journey here.

The Early Days: Immersing Myself in Oslo

Embarking on my new life in Norway was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster. There was the undeniable thrill of the unknown, mingled with apprehensions and a boundless reservoir of hope. The streets of Oslo became my learning ground. Here, amidst its historic buildings and bustling cafes, I bonded with my sister. Like all close siblings, we had our share of disagreements, but more often than not, we were each other's pillar of strength. Together, we navigated through the complexities of meeting new people. While many were kind and welcoming, we also encountered a few who weren't as genuine. These initial years, although challenging, were instrumental in teaching me the nuances of trust and the importance of inner resilience.

The Transitional Phase: Charting My Own Path

Life took another unexpected turn when my sister decided to move away from Oslo. Suddenly, the vastness of the city became more pronounced, and I found myself adapting to a solitary life. The journey was punctuated with a series of learnings and, yes, a few mistakes. My quest to fit in and absorb the local culture sometimes led me down paths that were a detour from my true self. There were moments of introspection, akin to finding oneself in a dimly lit tunnel, with the hope of light and clarity at its conclusion.

Adapting to New Norms: A World in Flux

And then, almost out of nowhere, the Corona pandemic cast its long shadow. The lively streets grew silent, and the world as I knew it transformed overnight. Although I've always cherished moments of solitude, the enforced isolation felt different. As the world slowly revived its pace, I felt somewhat adrift in the sea of bustling humanity. It became evident that while numerous acquaintances crossed our paths, the unwavering support and understanding of my family and long-standing friends were invaluable. This revelation is a cherished lesson, a guiding beacon that will illuminate my path ahead.

Reflecting upon my journey so far, Norway has grown to be more than just a geographical location. It's a tapestry of memories, a place where my heart experienced a spectrum of emotions, from pure joy to profound introspection. While the melodies of Filipino songs will forever resonate in my soul, my life's narrative has been indelibly inked with Norwegian hues. My heart brims with gratitude for the myriad experiences and life lessons this beautiful country has bestowed upon me. Norway, for me, transcends its geographical definition; it encapsulates an enriching journey, invaluable lessons, and above all, a place I'm proud to call home.

Allow me to share a poem about this remarkable decade of my life:

In the heart of Norway, a decade has flown,
Each step taken, each memory has grown.
From the chill that greeted my very first stride,
To the embrace of fjords where dreams reside.

Oslo's streets whispered tales old and new,
With my sister beside, our bond only grew.
Thru disagreements, love always found a way,
Navigating life's labyrinths, come what may.

However our paths diverge, as often they do,
My sister left, and the city's vastness I knew.
A solo journey, with life learnings and falls,
Seeking my place within those historic walls.

In dim tunnels I walked, seeking a sign,
Hoping for light at the end to shine.
Yet through each challenge, in new phase,
Norway's beauty was my constant gaze.

But then, silence, as the pandemic did cast,
A shadow on streets, memories of the past.
In isolation, anxious thoughts began to churn,
About genuine bonds, and the lessons I learn.

The world awoke, but I felt quite small,
Amid bustling crowds, against life's tall wall.
However, in the sea of faces, old and new,
Family and true friends were steadfast crew.

Now as I reflect on my Norwegian journey, profound,
Norway's more than a place, it's where I'm unbound.
From joyous peaks to valleys of real introspect,
It's been an unpredictable journey I'll never forget.

Filipino songs, in my heart they play,
Yet, Norway's stories color my life's array.
Gratitude fills me, for lessons so grand,
In this beautiful, enchanting land.

So here I stand, ten years has fast gone by,
Under Norway's vast, mesmerizing blue sky.
More than just a place, it's where dreams roam,
A decade in Norway, the place I call home.


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