The Filipino Seeker

Recently, I have made another Instagram account named The Filipino Seeker (@thefilipinoseeker). It has the purpose of sharing my personal travel pictures daily. Well, I was not really planning to maintain another account aside from my personal one (@pablo_ako) but I told myself why not. The major difference is that personal one is updated day-to-day, meaning the posts are made real-time or recently, not posted retrospectively. Well, this post is not about why I made another account, instead why I chose the name, The Filipino Seeker.

Been seeking always for something

I am always curious. That keeps me awake at night. Sadly, sometimes it makes me feel stressed. But I always think of answers to something. In my head, there is a web of alternatives paced at certain speed and rhythm. If things go faster as expected, my options change accordingly. However, those options do not just come spontaneously. It was well-thought beforehand. It is like I am coding algorhythms for my life. If one happens at X speed, my options are A and B. If A happens within X time, then either C, D or E happen and so forth. I always seek for options and alternatives. There are times in my life I was running out of options, but even at the darkest moments, I still see some glimering choices, not so promising but at least something I could start with. That is what I am seeking for.

Been looking always somewhere

I have been traveling very often recently, primarily to escape at the same time explore. Alphabetically, escape comes first before explore. I see traveling as an escape from the routine, stress and the difficult questions in life. When I come back from my travels, things may not always change for the better, or I am still clueless on how to deal with situations. However, the time I spend on my travel is precious for me, a sort of a breather. It adds to my tolerance to endure difficulties further on. Let us say before traveling I am at my 95% tolerance level, just 5% short to my so-called tipping point. When I come back, I may come back with 10% to spare. That maybe significant enough to get a better perspective of things that may result to better decision-making. That is what I am looking for.

Been always fond of meeting new people

This is both my strength and weakness. I easily trust people. I do not see them as people with bad intentions; but people, who seek for something which anyone could aid into. I can be very naive. I do not want to mistrust people, but I somehow expect people to trust even at hopeless circumstances or when I seem to be very confused. I like to spend time with people. But my problem is that I usually take time when I am confronted with problems with people. I seek and hope for something better to come through time. I do not haste things. I always believe for something better in waiting.

I am a Filipino. There are both advantages and disadvantages of being one, just like any other nationality. I am not perfect. I made and make mistakes from time to time. Though I am imperfect, I look forward something good and better not just for myself, but also the people that surrounds me. It is sad at times, I am misinterpreted but I honestly seek for everyone's pleasure and benefit, sometimes at the expense of myself. It may not look that way sometimes, but it is. I am in a point in my life that I am putting closure to some painful parts of my life. Those closures may not be the most comfortable, but I hope things will proceed in the least inconvenient for everyone. I seek for something, somewhere with and for people. Yes, the Filipino seeker is what best describes me.


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