Revenge: Best Served Cold

I had never imagined people could be so cold with one another. Instead of wishing things for their benefit, it seems easy to find faults with others and blow the situation into a magnified proportions. Yes, people are emotional and because of this, sometimes they act differently. However, human beings are not just torn between being rational and emotional, but still all of us has animalistic instincts for protecting what we are and have. To the worst extent, people take revenge to what bad and insanely injustice others have done against them. With these I am writing about the perfect form of revenge- served best cold. Here are the 3 elements:

Long after-the-fact

The adjective cold pertains with analogy between revenge and meal. Revenge should be done when the heat of the conflict has long dissipated. When people tend to have forgotten everything. Time seems not to be a factor of reconciliation or forgiveness. It is like wine that becomes stronger as time flies. Revenge is like that. The best form is when the consequences are revealed one by one, subtle and unnoticeable long after the major incident.

Unexpected timing

As described timing is important. Great wars are won with use of the element of surprise. Timing does not just revolve around one person or one event. Everything is timed chronologically such that the greatest pain or discomfort will be felt by another in the longest possible time. It is like a depot medication when the effect is gradual but lasting, not necessarily fast and intense. One could just not ignore the fact, it has been there for quite some time. This sounds to me like a pathological criminal.

Unconscienciously planned

Cold-blooded. No conscience. No pity. No trails. These are descriptions of a perfect revenge. This means vengeance is executed as comprehensive as possible. Nothing is enough to appease the person in revenge, even the most impossible. This is when being emotional and rational of a person apply simultaneously. Emotions though controlled drive one to execute a good revenge, while rationality aids in sorting the means and resources to utilize for implementing the plan, as well as preparing beforehand several back-up plans throughout.

It is both socially-unacceptable and unethical to take revenge in any form. But it is ofcourse natural and part of life. Some take time and control their feelings and actions to execute their counteractions. Most of us don't because we do not have the patience and maturity to handle our subjective emotions. The more control one has, the better perhaps revenge could be. Egoistic and brutal it may seem but this is great reminder. Never mess with a mature patient grit person. He or she takes things even minute details seriously. Expect then the unexpected.

NB: I wrote this blogpost because I wanted to write more about idioms. See my other posts on idioms. Personally, I am not planning to take revenge. I am generally kind. I tolerate almost everything such that it is easier to me accept things than plan for vengeance. This is ofcourse the normal "me". There are ofcourse exceptions.


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