Those Better Strangers (Poem)

I should have been genuinely happy today
For the long wait is over for the ultimate d-day
I have fought for others throughout my life
As if I was fighting for them in their strife

After having been stored long in the bookshelf
Now is when something happened for myself
I can not stop my tears from eyes falling
At last I could now sit and relax, lolling

The things I have planned for future worked
They came out of attention as dogears perked
After several setbacks things got back on track
Like lost brothers at last have come in contact

It should have been a good sign for the better
At present stable and learned more than ever
But personally now actually things got dimmer
The light at end of tunnel fades less shimmer

Those nightmares in the past came back
Out of the blue those monsters paint all black
As if they know I am about to be happy at last
They would not allow good to prevail as asked

Things turned upside down, but light on some
An irony or paradox of life to see the total sum
Those hopes and aspirations just wain in vain
Those fears I have hidden have surfaced again

Fears not just a threat but destroy everything
Waiting to topple all on next swing and ping
I helped many, but now I need a little I got none
When it was my turn, they disappear in fast run

Too difficult for them to realize I could be weak
That I may also needs others' help I badly seek
Far from the image of courage and strength
Hardly visible and obvious at arm's length

I am breaking into pieces, but still no one cares
They're more busy protecting their own affairs
Especially for them I always dearly truly cared
Them good and bad experiences I've shared

Yes I am gaining something good for myself
But nothing's warm inside me, all in ice shelf
Nothing in near-sight to strive for or can thrive
Therefore I am losing reasons to actually live

If something happens, it was me who decided
Everything in it, the judgment just one-sided
Egoistic it seems; it's understandable action
No one to blame, just a mere human reaction

Nothing may happen, thanks for the strangers
Who cared to stop and saw obvious dangers
They're there, as others turned backs from me
Saw my bleeding knee and heard wailing plea

Like supermen, they came running for rescue
To me whose life was at a dangerous skew
Kept in safety as a ball before it's 'bout to burst
I was saved just in time from worse than worst

Now everything lies ahead is because of them
Forever thankful perhaps, deserves a up thumb
I actually needed help, they lend me their hand
To hinder me from straying into the wasteland

At least for that remaining time I had reasons
To be glad for life's next challenging seasons
Due to strangers, I live, may live or have lived
Thus, I may have survived perhaps short-lived


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