Amsterdam, Netherlands: Lost in the Metropolis - Day 2

The second day of wandering in the Dutch capital metropolis was not conventional as I have expected it. With an aim to explore Amsterdam’s suburbs and neighboring cities, the challenge somehow turned to be unproductive at first as I was lost in the large Dutch conurbation. Being lost was exhausting but somehow provided a new perspective of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

1.    Utrecht
The fourth largest Dutch city has succeeded to be one of the most important cultural and religious center of the kingdom, especially during the Dutch Golden Age. It was unexpected for me to reach the city after I took the incorrect metro train line, which was supposed to stop on a bus terminal within Southern Amsterdam. Nonetheless, the experience gave me learnings how to handle stress in the midst of a vacation mishap.

2.    De Gooyer

As a national monument itself, De Gooyer is the largest tallest wooden mill in the Netherlands. The original windmill was damaged by a storm, which was thereafter restored to its condition today.

3.    Alexanderkade & Mauritskade

Along the beautiful waterways is the Alexanderskade, which is an exclusive residential area and also is the location of a psychiatric facility for young people for them to live as normal as possible.

4.    Alexanderplein

Alexanderplatz square is a square in Amsterdam in Amsterdam-Centrum. The Alexander Street and the Alexanderkade adjacent to the square.

5.    Tropenmuseum

One of the largest museums in Amsterdam, the ethnographic museum accommodates exhibitions, including modern and traditional visual arts and photographic works. 

6.    Oosterpark

The Oosterpark in Amsterdam is the first large park laid out by the municipality of Amsterdam. An old cemetery was needed to relocated for the construction of the park. 
In addition, The park contains The National Slavery Monument, which commemorates the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands in the 18th century.

7.    Elandagracht

Elandsgracht in Amsterdam is a muted canal between the Prinsengracht and the Singel canal in the Jordaan district in the center of Amsterdam. It is also nearby a bus terminal to several suburbs surrounding the Dutch Metropolis, including Haarlem. Following the reestablishment of the Catholic Church in Netherlands, the Catholic clergy chose to place its episcopal see to a nearby province known as Haarlem.

8.    Monumenteiland

The Reinaldapark is a large city park of Haarlem, located on the east side of town in the district Parkwijk. The name refers to Mayor Marius Antoon Reinalda. In the park, a monument was placed in memory of the fallen in World War II.

9. Oosterkerk Haarlem

The Church is a home for people with various backgrounds, from progressive to more orthodox, and belongs to the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Creativity plays in this church in Haarlem an important role. In church services regularly used by fine arts and all kinds of musical influences.

10. Amsterdamse Port

The Amsterdamse Poort is an old city gate of Haarlem, Netherlands. It is located at the end of the old route from Amsterdam to Haarlem and the only gate left from the original twelve city gates.

11. Binnen Spaarne

This tourist area is surrounding the waterway Spaarne, which features ships and old buildings that characterize the unique blend in Dutch architecture.

12. Gravestenenbrug

Gravestenenbrug is a double drawbridge over Spaarne river.
The bridge was built in 13th century, but the current bridge was erected in 1950.

13. Teylers Museum

Teylers Museum was originally founded as a centre for contemporary art and science. It contains a neoclassical room, whose shape quickly led it to be called the Oval Room, and designed for research and study. 

14. Bakenessergracht

The Bakenessergracht is a canal in the center of Haarlem. It was originally a peninsula southeast of the center of Haarlem, virtually enclosed by a bend in the Spaarne.

15. St. Josephhuis

This Protestant church is near the central market square of Haarlem.

16. Noord Hollands Archief

The North Holland Archive is the historical information center for the province of North Holland, the provincial capital of Haarlem and the municipalities of Aalsmeer. 

17. Grote Markt

The Grote Markt is the central market square of Haarlem, Netherlands, gathers together the larger number of the most interesting buildings. 

18. De Grote of St. Bavokerk te Haarlem

It is a Protestant church and former Catholic cathedral located on the central market square in the Dutch city of Haarlem. It is built in the Gothic style of architecture

19. Kermis Haarlem

Just adjacent to the De Grote of St. Bavokerk te Haarlem and the city hall is the Kermis Haarlem building.

20. Stadhuis Haarlem

The City Hall in Haarlem is the seat of the city's government. The town hall is also used for civic weddings and nearly every Friday in Spring, brides can be seen entering and leaving by the main stairway.

21. Hofje van Oorschot

The Hofje van Oorschot is a Haarlem court. The courtyard building housed two wealthy city drivers who got involved in the construction before.

22. Kruisbrug

The crossbow is a culvert bridge in the center of Hoofddorp, the largest town in the North Holland Haarlem municipality. The current bridge is now a roundabout where traffic of the main road east side can drive.

23. Stationsplein

As the main railway station, Haarlem is the first city station outside Amsterdam. The buildings were in the large central platform, in addition to offices, waiting rooms and also other traveler’s facilities.

24. Schipol Airport and Plaza

Being Europe’s fifth busiest, a former military base and the hub of KLM, Schiphol is the main international of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The airport is built as a single-terminal concept: one large terminal split into three large departure halls.

Lastly, my two-day vacation in Amsterdam and its surrounding areas was memorable one. Amsterdam is simply amazing, attracting tourists like me to keep coming back in the future.


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