GRIT Personality Towards Success

Since I was young, I always wondered how people get successful. As I grew and learned many things about life, I have come up that the ultimate way to success is having a grit personality. If everyone has grit personality, perhaps the world would be better and more productive place to live in.

In this article, I will discuss four elements of grit personality using the four letters of the word.


Not knowing one's long-term goals results to unnecessary actions that yields frustration and low self-esteem. Persons with grit personality knows what they want and knows how to go about it through a plan that they know what for and what it intends to do. Plans may change but the goal will always be the same. They may try do some other things first, but they will never stop pursuing the goals they originally set.


In the journey towards a person's long-term goal, it is inevitable that people encounter problems that may discourage them to continue and sometimes change the pathway they will traverse towards their goals. Set-backs will always be part of the challenge a person with grit personality will have. However, whatever negative emotions associated to these failures, a person with grit attitude will stand up and continue to struggle and face the challenges whatever it takes for them to do, up to the point that they push themselves towards their own limitations.


Resilence and being goal-oriented will not always equate to success. One must believe that things will happen according to plan or if not, one must believe that it is possible to attain the goals he or she set for himself or herself.  A person with grit personality will always think that his or her goals are possible, even though others may see it impossible. They remain optimistic whatever they feel and face, whoever they meet and wherever they may be.


Ofcourse, action makes things possible. Having a never-say-die attitude is required for one to be successful in any endeavour. However, the road towards achieving something involves risks. A person will have to be prudent enough to identify these risks and avoid them as much as possible. Conscientiousness is part of prudence that allows one to take actions, which will not be harmful to one's goals. Being cautious but not being hesitant in trying all possible means to achieve the dreams the person wants.

There are several ways to be successful but having a grit personality certainly helps. Hardwork, right attitude and mindset are needed for one to become the person that he or she wants to be. Although having grit personality is easy said than done, it will surely make one's life better for themselves and others.


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