7 Reasons Why Many Filipinos are Good Singers

One thing that makes me proud of being Filipino is that there are many good singers in our country. I am not saying that the Philippines has the best singers in the world, but it is obvious that many Filipinos have showed to the world the God-given talent they have.

1. Parents encourage their children to develop their singing talents

Children singing old songs and acting as if the song fits them well. Love songs, rock, whatever genre songs maybe Filipino children can sing that. Some even report that children learn humming a melody before able to speak well. Ofcourse, parents are very crucial in the development of this talents. If a talent has been acknowledged at an early age, this provides time for child to improve his or her talent in singing. Watch the newly-launced TV show Voice Kids Philippines.

2. Competition helps produce more good singers

The most-watched Television shows in the Philippines are singing competition. Most artists are discovered in these platform. Some even grew infront of the camera and the criticisms of the judges. Even though competitions are tough, thousands of Filipino singers hopefuls line up and continue their dreams, in spite of continued rejection and failures. Moreover, singing competitions aid in improving the quality of singers the country produces. Charice Pempengco is an example of this. Watch the video below.

3. Mass media highlights singing as a talent and a gift at the same time

A singer in a family is considered a jewel of the family. They are taught to improve more and take opportunities that will come their way. The talent is seen as a gift from God that should be loved and treasured. Mass media allots more time and attention to stories of success of singers, especially in the international arena. This inspires more song artists to be more dedicated in their craft. Watch Lea Salonga, a world-renowned Filipino artist.

4. Historically, songs have been used to express ideas

During the crucial points of the Philippine history, songs are used to express the sentiments of the people. Moreover, social issues are discussed and understood with use of songs. The depth of the meaning of some Filipino songs provides a good medium for singers to freely make their feelings and thoughts manifested, making them more effective in their delivery of songs. An example of this Fredie Aguilar's song named "Anak" or Child, reminds each of us the importance of our parents. Watch the video below.

5. Song writers draw a lot of inspiration from the paradise-like nature of the country

Composed of more than 7,100 islands, the Philippines features different array of tourist attractions that Filipinos can be proud of. Living in a beautiful country makes one to appreciate life even better. What is the best way to express this appreciation of life? Ofcourse, through songs. Once you good and meaningful songs, perhaps it is natural to expect that a country will have good singers. Watch the Department of Tourism's campaign performed by various Filipino singers.

6. Faith and religion nurtures singing talents

The Philippines being one of the largest Christian and Catholic nation in the world will have a very large pool of church choir members. These choir members are able to make use of their talents and improve it, simultaneously using it for the service of God. In fact most famous Filipino artists started  in church and draw inspiration from their faith to better deliver their songs whole-heartedly. Watch Gary Valenciano's song below.

7. Naturally soft-hearted and emotional

Filipinos are naturally soft-hearted and caring. When love is the topic, every Filipino seems to listen. Sweet promises are coupled with songs to describe and relay the feeling of one to another. Whether love songs are happy, sad or revengeful, Filipinos find creative ways through lyrics and melody of the songs to make another person special and feel how they feel. Watch Martin Nievera's song below.

Most blockbuster movies in the Philippines also features songs that touch the hearts of every movie goer, to the point they end up singing these songs repeatedly through a long period of time. Watch Sarah Geronimo's song.

Emotions certainly affect the level of artistry the Philippines has. Songs become the medium to show how beautiful life can be. Singers also have an inclination to sing songs that promote expression of feelings and beauty. Watch Regine Velasquez's song.

Perhaps, the readers of this blog would say I am biased with my observation. Forgive me I am not. I also do not have the intention of comparing Filipino singers with their counterparts. In this article, I just want to highlight what Filipino singers have, that makes us all proud of being Filipino.


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