A Girl Named Piang

By the time I am writing this, perhaps you are feeling anxious and uneasy of what awaits you in your new place. Yes, the place is not quite new for you, but the things you are going to experience maybe different from what you have seen in Norway. Allow me to write this blogpost in your behalf.

You are Piang and you know why. The time I remember that name, it reminds me of the time you chose to spend several weeks with us. It was awkward. I was then your teacher, so it was natural you called me sir. However, I hoped I showed you I was just like any other Filipino, wanting a better future for myself and my family. When we talk at night, we were full of dreams in this Scandinavian land we would like to call our home.

Months past, it was just like ordinary for you to come to our place. I felt at first you were just a temporary room mate whom I can talk to from time to time. However, you became a very good friend to a point of a sister. You knew almost all hardships we had here. It was never easy. You were there when I lost my job, got a new one and knew surprising truths that shocked me and made me sad. I was getting used to your presence. And now, you are leaving.

It hurts. It does. I am keeping it to myself. We could never blame anyone for the things to happen are products of our choices. I know you never told us everything, but that is okay. It takes time and you will always have the freedom to choose who and when to tell us. There is no haste with truths for being ignorant maybe a blessing after all. However, I would like to remind you that there is no sense in holding the truth when those truths are obviously manifesting themselves uncontrollably and naturally. Just open your mouth and let your mind free.

I thank you for taking care of my sister, when I was not there. Thank you for listening to her, no matter how sensible her words were. Thank you for the accompanying me during my late night snacks after work, and for all your tolerance and patience to my odd jokes. Thank you for giving me other perspectives to look at. Here I am, stronger than you saw me first here in Norway. Although wounded and hurt, I still have the courage to stand and ready to face the next battles ahead. I hope you will also do so. However, when times becomes unlucky and bad, know when to stop and step back. You never know by doing so, a new opportunity opens. We never know.

I know you are strong, but never numb. You feel sorrow and pain. I do not know how it feels now, but I assume, it is a combination of all feelings. You are happy for you will never be alone there. I hope you stay happy and inspired. Although I would not do in my life what you are doing now, but I fully understand. Just yourself safe and everything will be in place. If there are doubts in your mind, do not hesitate to talk to us. If you are uncertain of things, just ask. Do not keep quiet. We know when one holds his or her mouth shut, bad things happen.

I want you to think that there is a door open for you in Norway. At least one or two is waiting for you to come back, either for good or temporarily, that does not matter. Just promise us that when you come back, you have transformed to a better person, mature and courageous. No more alibis. No more hidden truths. Just plain and simple Piang.

Thanks:-) God bless you. From your former teacher and forever friend - Pablo.


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