What Corona Virus Pandemic Has Taught Us

It has been almost two months after the lockdowns have started in relation to the Corona virus pandemic. As of now, the pandemic has not been resolved yet, since there are no vaccines available to combat the virus. However, in Oslo, Norway where I live, as of the moment, there are significant positive changes brought about by the strict measures recommended by the Norwegian health authorities. The measures may not be perfectly implemented, but what is important is as how our lives have been affected by it. This blogpost will tackle on this matter.

Appreciating the essentials.

There is a contrast between needs and wants. First and foremost, I realized as a nurse, I have an essential work for the society. I ofcourse knew about this from the start, but the Corona virus pandemic has made me realized that those profession that remained in time are the most that matters. When we are hungry and thirsty, we need to get food and water. When we get sick, we need someone who could take care of us. These essentials do not include travel or recreation. We can actually get rid of them if it is necessary, just like what happened in this pandemic. Personally, I have reduced significantly my expenses by going through what I have been using my money for. This pandemic has gave me the opportunity to plan ahead, and concentrate to what matters most - my basic needs and the generation that follows after me.

Appreciating those who matters most.

We have different layers of social circles. For most of us, our social core involves our family and close friends. They are crucial especially in this time of isolation and social restriction. Many have seen the value of constant communication within this social core. Many of us have taken the initiative to be in contact with our loved ones. However, this is not true for some. I live alone, and literally away from my family. I lived in Norway, wherein its Western culture has strong contrast with what I was accustomed with. I am slowly integrating myself in Norwegian society, but socially, I could say something is still lacking. However, Corona virus pandemic has allowed me to reflect over this problem. I can say, this is a challenge, but can be resolved. I realized that it is important to know who matters most in our lives. They are those who takes care of you, are willing to received the care from you, have time for you, and most especially treats you with respect and positivity. There are perhaps few who meets all these criteria, but it is not quantity of family and friends one have, it is the quality.

Appreciating the resources available.

Personally, I can say I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to live and work in Norway. The resources are available, in case I need help. I felt secured knowing that in the event I got sick or anyone for that matter, people would get medical help without compromising job security or worrying over where to get food in the table. There exists an extensive safety net for everyone. This is not the case for the rest of the world. When people have to stop working, there are at risk of hunger and thirst. I know this, because for several years ago, I have experienced this myself. We were not so poor, but we were poor or economically challenged at a certain time. For those people who are in this situation in the midst of Corona virus pandemic, any help would be appreciated. I hope and pray they could get one. It may not be the same privileges I get in Norway, but I really hope they get through situation at least sufficiently.

Appreciating being alone.

Being alone is perceived to be negative for no one is an island as the saying goes. Although we, human beings, are social; we are unique creatures. What makes us unique is developed equally when we are with others and when we are alone. Unfortunately, not everyone sees this way. Some people have become dependent on others to know more about themselves. However, the Corona virus pandemic forced us to see ourselves inward. The quarantine and social restrictions have forced us to do self-awareness of our strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone are somehow prepared to do this, but at least, by being alone, we are somehow strengthening who we really are inside. 

Appreciating the value of good health.

Corona virus is a global health threat. No one is exempted from being infected. This pandemic no longer just affect those who are immunocompromised and the elderly, but literally everyone. Anyone is at risk. Although not everyone takes this health threat seriously, but the risk of being infected and infecting is there unless an effective vaccine will be developed. Nonetheless, outside this risk, people have seen the value of taking care of ourselves, on how to avoid being sick and by living a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone perhaps, but in one way or another, we, all have seen the value of health.

It is quite unbelievable that our lives have made a 360-degree turn in an instant. There were several travel plans this year that has been cancelled. Our lives have been limited for quite amount of time within the four corners of our homes. Personally, since I have been alone, I have appreciated most the value of being on my own company. I am an introvert by nature, so the feeling was not as challenging and difficult like others. However, as part of a larger society, the Corona virus pandemic has affected, and will certainly influence how we live our lives in the future. 


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