The Foolish Side of Us

There are things we do that no one could understand because it is beyond the usual we do and how we think and behave. It may even be within what is expected but it is still devoid of any sign of logic and even a pinch of critical thinking. This is when people think that we do foolish things or simply we just make a mess out of our life. And foolishly, this will be the focus of this blogpost.

Only emotions could explain

The rollercoaster of emotions is probably every individuals greatest challenge. To note, the greatest motivation is being recognized by being the person one is, and the good actions one has done for oneself or others. Deprive a person of this need and motivation, then one could foolishly get one attention just to get recognition he or she thinks deserves. After all being seen is the first step to being recognized. Sometimes, to be seen may be done in either positive or negative light.

The past experiences that drive us crazy

We are historical beings. Our past experiences affect how we act today. We may have forgotten what had happened to us in the past, but our consciousness is severely influenced by everything in the past. We learn from the past such that we automatically avoid what hurt before, but on how we do avoid them is the ultimate question. We may irrationally or erratically attempt to avoid them by looking like fools. No reasons, just foolish actions. By understanding, accepting and being aware of these past influences will aid us find answers why sometimes we act like fools.

The curiosity of doing something foolish

Teenagers do foolish things out of curiosity. Every human beings has a need for novel experiences. We continuously test our own boundaries, although we do not want to have drastuc changes that come with foolishness. Some of us do not see the causal logical relationship between foolishness and unexpected changes. Nevertheless, sometimes just for once we act foolishly because we want to feel something new out of being innately curious.

Intentional craziness to do something different

Sometimes it is good to irritate people by being foolish, especially when they least expected that you behave foolishly. It is one's intention to test out people's patience or tolerance to how they respond to our actions. It maybe irritating to be on the other side of the coin, but this actually means a person who attempts to test you is a person who is comfortable with your company. No one assumingly behaves foolishly with a person who one thinks would not accept him or her no matter how foolish one could be.

The child in us is awaken

Most of us associate being foolish with immaturity. The lack of hindsight is closely related with lack of experience that may come naturally with age. However, this does not exclude the possibility that at times, we want to be like child again. After all, when we were young, we never thought entirely of responsibilities, consequences or repercussions of our actions. That maybe a need for everyone to-be sometimes. We all remember how comfortable and fun it was to be or behave like children.

The rebellious non-conformist

There are sets of social standards in this world that everyone must conform. Nobody seems to forget that everyone of us are social beings. We are simply judged by others day-by-day or in everything we do. The standards and the expectations could be so high that we end up giving up on the way, thus we do something the opposite of what is expected of us.

Lastly, being foolish is being human. We are not designed to behave perfectly, although structurally we were made and born to be perfectly-well. Everything is allowed as along as we do not hurt others theoretically, but most of the time being fool unnecessarily involves others, thus hurting them either intentionally or not. However, I think one could be foolish yes, but perhaps not all the time. The irony is that to be foolish is to be reasonably foolish. Perhaps, that is the crazy type of being human.


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