At Your Age, I was...

Today is my niece's 12th birthday. She is now entering the teenage years. Indeed, time flies so fast. She is becoming a lady and starting to understand the complexities of life. The process of learning through life is unique from one person to another. That would be unique also for my niece. However, I could somehow give some guidance to her in the form of my experiences at the time I was also 12. This is the focus of this blogpost.

At your age now, before I was...

Realizing that friendships are not superficial

Certainly, you have now identified some individuals who you consider as friends. Quite natural. They will be there for you to do the things that you and they like. In my age, I had also good friends which some of them I still maintain communication with. Friends will be there not just to do the things you like. But they are also willing to there during the times you are feeling almost quiting. Friends will spice up your life, but friends who are there to stay even not finding something special in you.

Uncertain of what the future brings

You always get reminder from us to focus on your studies. You may not like being reminded of it everytime, but time will come you will realize we were right on reminding you on this. The reality is that the future has no guarantees. What you have in you, including your good education and personality will help you go through that uncertainty. No one else could help you except yourself alone.

Still a child, and wants to remain so

Take time to be a child but not necessarily be so childish. It is ofcourse expected that you make mistakes, but do not be afraid to rectify them. Do not lie just to cover those mistakes. That would be the greatest mistake one could do. Being a child means taking time, enjoying every moment of being a child. This is the time you have less responsibilities and so enjoy it as long as it lasts.

My time is different from yours. However, the learnings I guess would somehow be the same. You will realize you are now trying to open a room where you will be confronted with the realities of life. It would not be easy, but rest assured we will be there supporting you all the way. We may not be there, but we are everywhere, ready to help in times of need in the best possible way.
We love you Juyen. Happy 12th birthday. ❤


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