Keeping Myself "Almost" Alcohol-Free

There are several aspects that I certainly have control over. These include intermittent fasting, my work schedule, monthly budget, shopping list, routines at home, and being "almost" alcohol-free. I drink alcohol very seldom but I tolerate it, but I do not see myself drinking as a habit in the future. This is the focus of this blogpost.

Well, I have actually started late in drinking alcohol, but have never been hooked to it to be honest. There are times that I drank quite often than I did before, but I managed to keep it at a minimum again in a very short time. I have reflected on this why, and here are some of the reasons:

No drinking buddy

I never really had drinking buddies, because often I am satisfied either by being with my own company, or with selected group of people. I intend to socialize with people who talk a lot, such that I could learn something. Perhaps, I have not met individuals who I could do this, as well as give me sufficient learning through conversation while drinking as a motivation.

Other habits are more attractive.

Well, I have other habits, and even some forms of addiction. I can say I can not resist sugar. I intend to eat a lot. I gives me satiety and sugar rush. I feel that rush is something I do not experience when I drink. When I drink, I slowly become sleepy and dizzy, at times nauseous. That feeling does not give me "the kick" to force me buying alcohol during my lazy days. Sugary foods do this to me though. 😄

Being alert and awake is better for me.

I love being alert, and observing things in my environment. I like it when I notice things that generally gives me more information about a situation or a person. That excites me. This is not the case when I am drunk. I lose the ability to focus. I just want to sleep. Ironically, when I am excessively drunk, I become sleepy, then after a short period of time, I become awake. That is supposed to be good for me, but I would rather be awake first, then sleepy later. Not the way around. 😆

I can be social without it.

Contrary to what others think, I am pretty sociable. I am actually surprised to know about this, especially after I lived alone for quite some time. It seems I am introvert, but being shy is not really a description you can associate with me. I can be direct, and never hesitate to say things when I think it is appropriate. Hence, I can be sociable, and I like it. By experience, I am more sociable when I am sober and awake, rather than sleepy and intoxicated.

Work schedule prevents it.

This is perhaps the main reason why developing a habit of drinking alcohol is for me difficult. I am a workaholic. This means work is very important for me. This is the primary reason why developing a habit is quite challenging for me. I like planning, and drinking alcohol gives me a sort of uncertainty or unpredictability. I take risks though, some are quite serious risks, but I see those benefits related with alcohol do not outshine (yet) the advantages I get from engaging with work, or other activities. This is quite subjective from one person to another, I believe.

I see it as an alibi at times.

This is controversial, I guess. But I see some people who are intoxicated hiding from the mask of alcohol. I respect people though who does this. However, I am a person who likes people not being afraid to show their vulnerability, instead of hiding themselves by being drunk. By being vulnerable, one could be truly himself or herself. That does not need a sort of alibi or a mask, or a shield. Better be sober and vulnerable, and keep it that way. I know not everyone like that way.

But to be fair, I have my alibis myself. I have my own harmful habits. Luckily, not one of them is alcohol. But that does not make me better than those who are dependent to alcohol. This is because some of my habits maybe are more deleterious than alcohol. However, my point here is how to avoid alcohol.

I understand though why some people drink, but I can not understand why some people spend the entire weekend drinking. I understand though why people become dependent to something, but I honestly still attempt to comprehend what it is in alcohol though. People can lose their inhibitions by being direct in conversations. That can be learned through other means I can attest. So that for me is something should not be the primary reason why people drink until they are intoxicated.

I respect those people who drink though, but I think when one drinks, one should be prepared of the consequences "the day after." No complaints, be yourself again as soon as possible. Should I have a habit, I should never let that affect others - my work, family and friends in general. In my mind, my habit is personal, and should never be a burden to anyone. Ofcourse, one is not perfect, but at least be at your best, at your optimum even you have a habit. I guess this itself keeps me away from alcohol.

I understand that people tend to forget their problems by drinking alcohol. This is very usual, and even some use this as a "pain-reliever." Okay, I see the point in the neurobiological perspective. However, should I want to seek a "quick-fix" for my problems, I think I deserve a better analgesic. My personality also suggests that I tend not to "forget my problems"; instead, if things are way too serious, I tend to postpone them, but still I plan to confront it, and find either a compromise or a solution. I guess this a personal strength, learned through experience. 

Lastly, I tried to reflect on drinking alcohol through a hedonistic perspective. Well, I see the point. People tend to "loosen up", and seemingly happy when they drink. Alcohol provides one a means to express their emotions. This is a good argument, I must say. Being in a group of people, having a good time together and having a sense of belongingness is another good reason to drink. However, I think if I really want to be a hedonist, I intend to have a constant stream of happiness althroughout, not just when I drink. I want to be happy through multitude of ways, not "just" through alcohol. I think I am too greedy not to be dependent to only one approach of hedonistic living. I really want to live life, both in intoxicated or in sober form. That is my main point here.


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