3 Types of People Not Worth Your Time

In our lives, we meet a variety of people. Some of them would be willing to stay in our lives for long. Some of them we choose to keep regardless how they treat us. It is  two-way process that aids in building good relationships that each of us treasure. However, there are some people who come to our life and gives us the lessons we bring with us in the future. These lessons are however based on experience of dealing people who seems just wasting our time or giving us anything but negativity in our lives. Here, I will enumerate the three types of people who are not worth our time.

People who manipulate others

Sometimes we believe people select who they manipulate to gain control. It is to say one could manipulate others, but could opt not to manipulate you. Here is the truth. Once they have manipulated one, it is easier from them to do it again with anyone, including you. No exceptions. These individuals lack empathy. However, understand why they choose to manipulate another. Should there be a temporary and compelling reason, just take note. Should the same reason is used for manipulating another one, move on. You are dealing with a hungry crocodile who is about to devour everyone in the proximity. Keep a distance and be vigilant. A predator will never be kind once hungry and infront of a prey. 

People who complain but never compromise

There are adults in this world acting like "entitled toddlers". They demand things and people to be like as they want to. Their standards are high but the patience and tolerance level is as weak as their logic. Instead of understanding the context of the situation, they use the argument of self-determination often. Just because they can decide so they can demand. It is like because they have a brain so they can say they are thinking individuals, worthy of being heard by everyone. No compromise, just plain demands. These individuals lack variety of experience and exposure to different people belonging to different backgrounds. It is to their disadvantage not to admitting their weakness. Leave them. Set limits. Let them believe their delusions and move on without compromise. They are not worth your time.

People who are never happy of other's success

Why do some people think if they feel miserable, others should feel the same? They would willingly opt to be illogical and find a person they can blame for their misery. Worse, they would pull individuals down and make them feel their success is worthless and nothing. These individuals have poor self-confidence. It is natural for us to help these people, but upon the first negative sign they are affecting you negatively, pull out! Do not give them chance to slur any negative word to you. Let them feel their words are bunch of senseless sounds coming from a filthy mouth. Smile, act neutral and leave.

So how should we treat them? One thing I learned is that recognizing the presence of another and appreciating who he or she is is the best thing one could give to another. It is accepting the past, present and future unconditionally. So these individuals deserve nothing of these things. Set limits. Speak to them minimally and in structure. Let them think of the essence of their existence. They should understand that what they want is not what they will get, at least from you. Let others see how they should be treated. All of us are equal, but not everyone deserves the time and attention from one another. Divert your time to others who are interested to reciprocate unconditionally what you give. You are also a person, equally worthy like any other. No one can waste your time and, it is your choice how to divide among individuals. 

Lastly, there is nothing higher than loving oneself but that does not provide anyone right to neglect how others think and feel. Once one is trapped in a vicious cycle of manipulation, deceit, egoism and negativity, leave! Do not wait until you lose the last ounce of self-respect. Do not give them the time they want from you, instead give either none or very little time they actually deserve. 


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