Unfit Puzzle of Life

There has been a lot of analogies to describe what life is. Most common includes roller coaster, road, a dance, mountain or an adventure. These comparisons are indeed good way to understand what life really is. However, sometimes we forget that life is actually not just about "our" journey but how we interact with the people around us. We are spaces with specific forms in which people around us would conform. Some would fit, sometimes partially and most they simply don't. Here, I would utilize a puzzle to give light another perspective of life, more specifically an "unfit" puzzle.

People do not necessarily "fit" with each other.

All of us have imperfections. We are not fabricated according to well-thought plan. This is not to deviate from an idea that there exists an Omnipotent God. But I would rather discuss it away from that light. We are not the same. We can not say parts of us suit perfectly with anyone. The fact is the "most suitable and appropriate person" for us does not exist. We do not have to search for it. The most important are the individuals surrounding us that matters. Those who prioritize you, or does not have any bad intentions with you. They are who matters in life, regardless of who they are or what others think of them. They do not necessarily be good for you, but essentially they should be genuinely there for you especially when you need them even you not saying it. They are your family and genuine friends you can keep as long as you can.

People loosely fit into our lives.

The grip or the hold is important between relationships. Sometimes we get to hold on loosely or tightly. We can take people for granted or be demanding enough to push people away from us. It is ofcourse natural to do so. We have learned to keep what is good and try to throw away what is bad. This is true in terms of the body, our morals and even thoughts. This is also applicable with people. Instead of teaching people to react and behave properly, why can not just accept that the fact is we can not easily change to be with someone, not too close or far. We are humans. What is important is we accept that reality, and start the discussion on how not to hurt each other especially when difficult situations arise. We can not just demand people to change, but we can talk freely and express what we think and feel instead.

There is no so-called perfect match.

There is no perfect match. People have relationships that at least must conform to societal norms. Some partnerships just remain hidden, or weakened just because it deemed inappropriate by the society. Norms make alternatives available few. It sets limits rather than provide more options. This is a problem. Worse, it is us who make more limitations. We have preferences and expectations that are sometimes totally unreasonable. Why not we could try to think outside the box. We expand our options and go beyond our limits. In that way perhaps, we no longer would seek for the perfect one, but we develop a better mindset.

Lastly, the complexity of life is like solving puzzles. At times, it is easy to distinguish the parts but we find it difficult to see the beauty of it entirely. The dilemma also exists on what seems to be the goal of solving a puzzle, it is to finish assembling the puzzle, or just enjoy doing the task without stressing on whether we could solve the puzzle in the shortest possible time, or faster than any other else. In the same way, do we see life as a problem to be solved, or an adventure to be enjoyed everyday. No matter who meet in our lifetime, whether they remain in our lives or go, whether they fit to our lives or not, or whether we could accept them or not, what matters most is they made our lives complex but beautiful, something worth cherishing.


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