Live, Learn and Be Free

Today (September 23,2015) marks my 28th birthday and it is a sign of relief that the previous year is done. With me now are the learnings I have gained in the last year. Therefore, it excites me how would the next chapter of my life would be, given all the experiences, surprises and challenges I survived just by mere thought of it.

Should I can describe my life so far, it could be the phrase, "Live, learn and be free." This phrase is the focus of this birthday blogpost.


No one knows what the future brings. Even the wisest person can never acquire the ability to predict and plan accordingly for every aspect in my life. For what we can do is face each day with optimism and courage and optimize every opportunity that comes.

Before I was living on the past and especially in the future. Every plan I make is something related to both the influence of the what has done and what will be. Now, living means living today and making the best out of everything I have. Thus, being happy is living today, rather than regretting of the past and worrying about the future.


A change for the better is something everyone strives for. In every aspect of our lives, at work, in our personal life; it is a constant struggle to improve our knowledge, abilities and more importantly our personality. This itself provides a reason for us to live and further in joy and hope. Furthermore, this gives the energy for us to overcome all the challenges that life presents us.

Moreover, there are two things I realized. Firstly, I need to "learn change". The possibility of change must be accepted such that it is a permanent part of life. Things change and that it is not something we can control. On the other hand, I need to exert effort to "change my learning" about life and myself. Seeing things in various perspectives is important. Thus, it is important to take the initiative to change personal insights to gain wisdom and wider and better view of life and the society, as well.

Be Free

No one is absolutely free such that societal restrictions and personal limitations hinder us from everything we desire. However, despite of these, the freedom that is possible in reality can still be characterized by spontaneity and happiness. What matters most is we free ourselves of the fear of failure for whatever outcomes our plans and actions could bring, there is nothing that does not yield learning that makes us better.

Furthermore, it is good to note that freedom involves the freedom of choice, expression and exercise of rights both for oneself and others. Before, I honestly can consider that I am weak on showing respect to other's differences and accepting that others could be better and worse than me. We should experience freedom of discriminating others and being skeptic of others and their capacity. This is something I learned and will continue to live for.

In this upcoming year, I could only hope a better period. The year that was was not an easy. It started with a spark and glimpse of hope in this foreign land I currently live in. This was shortly challenged that I was left without option but to undergo the long, demanding and anxiety-provoking tests and life pathways.

Instead of avoiding change, I learned to embrace it. Rather of being depressed due to failures and uncertainties, I lived everyday with perseverance and faith that better things will come in the right time. I know and keep my belief that things will turn out for the better. It is becoming better and therefore I also am. So, I free myself of the worries and use everything I learned to become the better person I could be.


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