Beating the Deadline

Running for the last available train or bus before getting late for work or an important meeting. Taking unnecessary taxi due to lack of time. Or, forcing oneself to finish the entire subject before the semester ends. It could also be just waiting for a response before the ultimate consequence could happen. This I have been experiencing either plannen or by chance. This is what we call beating the deadline.

I am writing this because I have done it again, not because I actually did the entire thing but the Lord made sure I could actually accomplish it just in time. This is connection to my stay in Norway. With just few hours before I start waiting for an uncertain answer about my continued stay in Norway, then surprisingly early I got a positive response. Not to forget, I got several job interviews few weeks before I need to justify my current stay. Things had not been moving in a pace and direction I wanted few months before that. A temporary short-course uncertain contract and a terminated invalid previous contract are the things only I had. Hence, the threat was ever present such that I actually really no available option.

I am forever thankful indeed as opportunities came before the curtains closed. Not long ago, I was hesitant to travel abroad because my career was already gaining steam that time but by chance, I came to a country just before immigration policies became so tough that it would nearly be impossible for a foreigner to get through it. Furthermore, in my job search, I was actually losing hope after getting dozens of rejections, then suddenly there were people who gave me a fresh new idea to increase my chances. From obligatory courses that I really never planned to take before to additional courses that made my credentials competitive inspite me having an imperfect language skills and generally short work-related experience, these I have taken or been taking by mere chance and literally before the opportunities were no longer introduced. Thus, I have beaten the deadline.

This has also been the case when I were in the Philippines. Changing jobs has been unplanned but literally suited like a puzzle to what really I was looking for. Same thing in Norway, in the last 2 years, I already have worked through four employers. The conditions from my previous employers did not fit what the authorities require such that I needed to take bold steps and actions for me to fulfill these requirements.
Literally, when I reflect over the events that happened I could even wonder myself how I went through it. I was beating one dealine to another.

Currently while I writing this blogpost, I am on my way to my possible last duty in my third employer. Tomorrow, I will get to know how my job would like in the fourth employer. And before I forget, it is only few minutes I start my duty. Well, I have written this just to describe an experience. This does not attempt to give an explanation or a promise that next time, I will have sufficient time before a certain event unfolds. I can always try to have enough time but it would not be ensured ofcourse. Meanwhile, I continuously beat deadlines. I consider them opportunities, luck or blessing that are worthy of thanksgiving and reflection for improvement.


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