Love Compared to Real Estate Properties

Love encompasses everything from attraction, mutual need satisfaction, communication, trust and everything related to the establishment of a strong happy relationship. On the other hand, real estate refers to land and all properties found in it. Primarily, love is based on subjective feeling that creates a strong foundation for anything beneficial to most number of people, while real estate is a totally different from love, since it seems to be materialistic. However, both concepts have a common ground, that is value. Real estate can be appraised to its value, while love has also value. In fact, finding the right person for someone is like the long search of a real estate property that suits to one's needs and financial capacity.

So, how are real estate properties appraised? How is this related to love? The most common approach in determining the value of a house and lot is the market data method. This way uses data of sale prices of similar properties in the surrounding area where the property is located. In love, we tend to evaluate how someone can render us affection and comfort in the way we expect them to be. We usually get our standards from our ideal person or closest significant person in our lives, perhaps our father or mother. In most cases, children would want their future partners to be like their parents in the way their parents took care of them. On the other hand, parents also want the future partners of their children to be as valuable as their children are. This is understandable as parents want the best for their children.

Futhermore, another way to evaluate property is to determine the cost of the materials used to build such property. Wearing out of materials is also determined to make a realistic value assessment. In the search of a partner, it is also common that we want someone, who could increase the value of the characteristics we have. To explain it simply, we want someone, who could compliment our best assets and characteristics, and compensate the weaknesses we have. This is important for everyone to have increased self-worth and confidence needed for us to have a stable ego. However, at times this does not happen for some relationships may wear out individuals such that their self-esteem goes terribly down. Take as an example in an abusive relationship. In real estate, management of property is essential to prevent abrupt deterioration and reduction of property value. In love, taking care of ourselves and not allowing others to abuse us is important to function well within a relationship and as an individual, as well.

The third and last way of property appraisal is the income approach. Building can be old, but very useful and becomes essential to earn more income, thereby the property may still be valuable. In love, the benefits we derive from people we associate with or love dictates the value of the relationship itself. If the person makes you happy, regardless of who that person is and what his or her capabilities, people will remain in that relationship, given that the his or her partner provides a vital role in his or her life. This is perhaps explained when people say "I love you", this also means that "I need you". This is because the person serves an important part of the existence and purpose of the other.

Appraising real estate is not the only activity performed concerning these types of properties. Ofcourse, selling the property is more important. By experience, the smaller, more convenient, more affordable and more attractive get sold easily. However, buyers sometimes do not get all the characteristics of the property bought due to their own financial capacity and other inevitable reasons. In love relationships, this is also true. The search of the right person maybe difficult. You can not just choose for simple reasons. There are variety of factors affecting it. One may meet a rich person, but not readily meeting the needs, which the other is expecting of him or her. You may have a friend, who is readily available for you, but simply could not give you the stability in life you want or need. The complexity lies on the preference of the persons involve.

Although we have compared love with real estate property. However, both of them are just innately different. Love involves people, while properties is composed of materials. People change, while materials simply deteriorate in value in time. Although both love and properties are valued, property values can be transferred from one person to another, while the value of love can not be done that way. What has been felt by one person towards another is simply pure, unexplainable, non-transferrable and literally unfathomable.


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