Oslo Experience at 8!

Oslo, Norway
It has been 8 months since I left Philippines for Oslo. Did I change for the better?


I have not lost weight so much as I expected. I have weight gain-loss cycle. I gain weight during weekdays and lose some in the weekend. Luckily, my roommate is a good cook. He makes good food for all of us. One month before, I tried to start my daily exercise. I bought a stationary bicycle. It was nice but losing 250 calories everyday is not easy and involves so much time and effort. Anyway, I am still optimistic. Good thing, I am no longer overweight, but still has too much fat.


My philosophy in life somehow changed. I saw the world in a different perspective - a large and diverse one. It was very different from the four corners of a classroom I used to have for the past four years. Literally, I saw that different experiences make to people. Some suffer, while others stay happy. I became an observer of a multi-cultural society.

Little by little, I learned how Europeans and Westerners think. It was a paradigm shift, but I got to appreciate the things that I neglect before. Having a busy schedule was just my daily experience before. Now, ensuring my mind get rested became a priority. Living simply and thinking straight, rather than complicating things. I was used to think for others given I am a nurse and a teacher, but now, I realized not to assume and allow people to think for themselves. Everyone has a free will to use. If they fail, let them for them to learn the lesson. People just need to take consequences of their actions.


Significantly, I became so emotional. This is opposite of who I am before. They say I was very stoic. I can easily get sad and get to appreciate laughter now. Simple joys like eating, sleeping, being with family and friends, chatting with people who I miss, made me look forward for something good everyday.

I still believe emotions are very important, such that staying happy is the key to achieving greater heights. However, the state of happiness is a challenge in a place far away from my comfort zone and the people I love. I am still blessed since I live with my sister and there are still people, who never left me, even though I left them (literally speaking).


Now, I got to learn my fourth language. Speaking four languages in one day is confusing but manageable. Given I communicate so much at work, I decide to learn more language as time passes by. I realize language is a key for understanding how other people react and knowing how to adapt easily to situations. I know my social aspect is lagging behind other aspects, but I am improving. Reserved and lonesome at times are still good description of myself, but now at least I have expanded my network of friends due to work.

Culturally speaking, I got to see who is a Filipino in the eyes of other people. There are still a lot of things to improve. I am still proud to be one. One step at a time, I will do my part in changing the negative perception against the Filipino race. We are more than the brown color, short stature and black hair. We have abilities that can be used in areas beyond cleaning, nursing and other related blue collar jobs. Soon with God's help, the world will appreciate what Filipinos can do.

I have indeed improved. Long way to go but I am ready what the future shall present me. I will do everything good and what will serve my life's purpose. I will and I can!


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