Saying Goodbye

I wonder why saying goodbye is considered good. Most of the time, goodbyes never feel like something is good, unless you have a definite time of making hellos again after goodbyes. It is just putting a period in an article, not knowing whether there is another page that follows it. Pain, regrets and feelings of optimism usually follow after goodbyes.

The word GOODBYE ends with BYE. In this article I will put meaning to goodbye using the the last three letters of the word. I hope this could somehow explain the things we feel and put light on how to deal with it, when confronted with a difficult one.


The primary object of saying goodbye is hoping everything turns out well after making an end or separation in any form. We try to smile, even deep inside our hearts, truly saying goodbye hurts. Smiling is an act of courage and hope that in spite of the situation, things will go better. Saying goodbye could be as simple as greetings after work. It is just like saying to another that we hope tomorrow's work will be lighter and less stressful. Even though, we anticipate things will get worse, but we still say goodbye to influence ourselves and the other that there is a reason to remain optimistic.

However, with the most painful endings. This may not true. In broken relationships, death, failures and disappointments, saying goodbye is hard to say and do. Some may not even want to utter these words, as people want to deny the fact something has ended. Some may have said these words, but deep inside regretting saying it. Going against one's feelings is challenging, but believing something positive will happen after is the only option to take. Things may have to change, but we hope it will change for the better.


Goodbyes, moreover, is an acknowledgment that somebody made you feel special. No one will make an effort to say goodbye, if he or she never felt there was a reason to say so. Goodbyes also means saying thank you for what good has happened and for all lessons learned from the experience. These lessons and experiences gained will be treasured forever and will contribute to how the person will act, decide and associate with others in the future. Therefore, saying goodbye provides a signal that someone will remember one as someone, who uniquely shaped the thoughts and aspirations of another in the future.

It could be a simple exchange of goodbyes between friends after spending time together. It can also be complex like in months and years of being together with someone. Whether it is simple or complex, saying goodbye recognizes worth of the other in our lives, that whatever happens after, we would want them to remain in our lives, even how difficult it will become. This is because when one person sees our worth, it means we have influenced them in one way or another, especially in a positive way.


The most remarkable and significant about goodbyes is that it is a confirmation of the need to end something. It could be a day of stressful work. It could be the time being with friends, or a relationship that has changed ourselves permanently and has made us think and act differently. The necessity of an end gives a glimpse of some reasons behind goodbyes. These reasons may be routinary, extraordinary or painful. However, individuals exchanging their goodbyes have accepted the fact that an end must be done, expecting for another beginning to unfold.

Complications and difficulties arise when the need to end also means leaving what has been for good. This will involve feelings of depression and longing that may linger for quite sometime. However, knowing and understanding the need of such end may aid in helping the individuals cope with such loss. It gets worse, when suddenly there was a need to end, even not seeing the clearer perspective of the reason of its need. These situations happen especially when people merely felt exhausted and considered that events just destroy, rather than help themselves. In these special circumstances, these goodbyes have been exchanged, as end has been made, but understanding its implications may come after quite some time. This results to either relief or worse, regret at the end, increasing uncertainty and making goodbyes more difficult.

Lastly, goodbyes are expressions of mankind to help ourselves understand that things end. However, this does not mean we have to allow ourselves to cry incessantly. Instead, goodbyes remind us that starting anew is a must, using the lesssons and experiences we have learned from the past, and showing courage and optimism that things will change for the better.


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