Life Changes Ahead

There are two D's that govern our lives: Decisions and Destiny. These influences create changes in our lives that we may or may not accept. Whatever they may be we just need to accept it wholeheartedly.

We are the captain of our lives. We should be accountable to whatever decisions we make. The decisions may be acceptable for others and these may also not be. Moreover, consequences maybe severe or mild, but it is up to us to what type of risks we are ready to handle. This is the reason why some people fear of making decisions. They tend to ask and follow what others think of their own concerns and resulting for them to blame them at the end for not anticipating the outcomes that they themselves will experience. Thus, every decision must be well-informed, prudent and independent.

The changes as outcomes of an individual's decisions may not just affect the individual themselves, but also the people surrounding them. However, this does not provide reasons for others to make decisions for the other's behalf. Allowing the other to learn through their own experience is important to anyone. Taking action in behalf of another may lessen risks, but it does not yield long-term benefits for the individual concerned.

On the other hand, most people ignore the influence of destiny in our lives. There are things that are beyond our control that no matter how good our decision-making skills are, we do not get the intended results. This highlights the need to believe that what we have decided for ourselves may not be the same with what destiny will do in our lives. Although no one can control what our destiny will be, but we can still be optimistic of our future. There is no point of worrying of what will happen when you have a positive outlook. For whatever will happen, a positive person can endure and find ways to go through the experience and learn from it.

However, some people just do not try to make decisions and allow their fate to direct their lives. There is no such thing. Everyone must have to decide and make assumptions of the consequences of their decisions. Careful measures must be followed to implement plans, ensuring the attainment of goals. Risks, in addition, must be kept to a minimum by taking time to see and evaluate its magnitude to craft solutions to address it. Worse, when we ignore the existence of risks, we become more naive, rather than being optimistic in our goals. This emphasizes that time is crucial in decision-making, but in the end, all preventive measures were placed, one must have a grateful heart to accept what destiny dictates in our lives. Decisions can be changed or revised, but one should not ignore the influence of a Greater Power in ourselves, for we simply can not control everything.

Lastly, in our lives we see different paths. We may choose not to take some of it and try to traverse a course that nobody expected it. No matter what will it be, one should continue to make decisions for oneself and believe everything will happen, as destiny shall dictate and what we wanted.


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